Friday, December 27, 2019

The Best of 2019

- Memorable Bites from the past Calendar Year

This year was without a doubt the best of my life as far as food. As far as everything else probably not so much but at least I still had a ton of joy from all the wonderful food. Haha. I cant help but wonder if this is my absolute peak for eating out goes. If I never win the MVP award this is the year I had the best chance. Where else are you going to find a 'Best of 2019' food list as diverse as this? I promise there's no other list across this fair internet that includes Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, Australian, Mexican, Portuguese, Brazilian, Sri Lankan, Syrian, Trinidadian, and more. Find me a list with regional dishes from Detroit, Osaka, Nayarit, and Guam. Not going to happen.

 Pescado Zarendeado from El Farallon De Tepic in Guadalajara (Top L) 
Chicken Kelaguen from Chochu Local in Portland (Top R)
Okonomiyaki from Fukutaro in Osaka (Bottom L)
Coney Dog from Lola's Coney Island in Chicago (Bottom R)

I should just retire from this stupid food blogging shit right damn now. I wont bc I already have tons of content for 2020. Lets just hope some of it reaches beyond this site. Now for the details and how this list was comprised. In previous years I would only choose one thing from one trip and that would be especially impossible this year. So last year I started breaking down the categories and this year I added any and everything I thought was awesome to them. However I didn't want to be repetitive so in some cases I didn't name the best bites from the best meals if that makes any sense. For instance although I have a best tacos category and I mostly ate tacos at a memorable lunch at Revolver Taco Lounge in Dallas I listed them in best meals. Same goes for my dinner at Jeong in Chicago. More than one of the dishes they served could've been featured in my Best of Chicagoland list but the meal itself was worthy of a complete shoutout. The 'Best Meals' category means everything we ate at that place was great. If anyone asked me where to eat in (     ) I'd recommend those spots in a heartbeat.

Tacos from Revolver Taco Lounge in Dallas (Top L)
Tteokbokki from Jeong in Chicago (Top R)
Bologna Sandwich from G&R Tavern in Waldo, OH (Bottom L)
Arepa Con Huevo from Sierva Maria in Cartagena (Bottom R)

Best of Chicagoland

Roujiamo at Shan Shaan Taste 

 Korean Lollipop Wings at Landbirds 

 Hot Dog Skewers at Gao's Kabob

Shrimp & Grits at Luella's Gospel Bird  

Creamed Eggs over Toast at All Together Now
Australian Style Meat Pie at Barangaroos

Carnitas Plate at Carnitas Uruapan 

Cabbage Rolls at Andy & Sophie's

Coney Dog at Lola's Coney Island

Manchurian Potatoes at Superkhana International

Smoked Pastrami at Chicago Culinary Kitchen
 Mongolian Beef Fried Bao at Mean Bao 

Pozole at Peke's Pozole 

 Christmas Picadita at El Sabor Poblano 

Falafel at Galit

Manchurian Potatoes at Superkhana International  

Best of Beyond Chicagoland 

Butterbean Soup at Taylor's Mexican Chili Parlor (Carlinville, IL)

Brisket at Cattleack Barbeque (Dallas)

Roasted Goat at Birrieria El Chololo (Guadalajara)

Friday Lake Perch at Wegner's St. Martin's Inn (Franklin, WI)

Dungeness Crab Toast at Jacqueline (Portland, OR)

Kor Muu (Kurobuta Pork Jowl) at Paadee (Portland, OR)

Pindaettok Platter at Cameo Pancake and Steak (Portland, OR) 

Chicken Kelaguen at Chochu Local (Portland, OR) 

Smoked Pork Chop at The Red Onion (Equality, IL) 

Grilled Sardine Nigiri at Taberna Do Mar (Lisbon)

Acarajé at Acarajé da Carol (Lisbon) 

Charcoal Ribs at Ze Dos Cornos (Lisbon)

Turbot at Salta O Muro (Matosinhos)

Sardines and Tomato Rice at O Buraco (Porto)

Kottu Roti at Saffron Spice Kitchen (Toronto) 

Goat Roti at Danforth Roti House (Toronto) 

Fire Grilled Pork Jowl at Pinky's Ca Phe (Toronto) 

Dry Chili Chicken at Yueh Tung (Toronto)

Bánh Hỏi Thịt Nướng at Hương Bình Restaurant (Seattle) 

Char Siu Plate at HK BBQ Master (Vancouver) 

Spicy Stir Fried Clams at The Fish Man (Vancouver)

Arepa Con Huevo at Sierva Maria (Cartagena)

Chorizo Vulcan at Tacos Los Poblanos #1 Estilo Tijuana (Los Angeles)

Pescado Zarandeado at Coni Seafood (Los Angeles)

Okonomiyaki at Fukutaro (Osaka)

Conger Eel Tempura at Momose (Tokyo)

Lengua Omurice at Chamorro (Tokyo)

Oyakodon at Marukatsu (Tokyo)

Dry Chili Chicken at Yueh Tung (Toronto)

Best Noodles, Pasta, and Dumplings

 Biang Biang Noodles at Morefan (Plano, TX)

Stir Fried Handcut Noodles at Hakka Express (Plano, TX)

Beef Noodle Soup at Stretch the Noodle (Portland, OR)

Agnolotti at Ava Gene's (Portland, OR)

Momo Dumplings at Vajra (Chicago)

 Chiusoni at Tortello (Chicago)

 Manti Dumplings at Cira (Chicago)

Siu Mai at D Cuisine (Chicago)

Sheng Jian Bao at Sang Ji Fried Bao (Toronto)

Beef Momo Dumplings at Loga's Corner (Toronto) 

Tibetan Jhol Momo at Momo Ghar Ohio (Columbus, OH)

Chor Muang at Hom Mali Thai (Chicago)

Torchio Pasta at Torchio Pasta Bar (Chicago)

Duck Soba (and tempura) at Kamonegi (Seattle)

Hu Tieu Bo Kho at Cafe Huong Que (Seattle)

Pork / Shrimp Dim Sum Dumplings at Golden Paramount (Vancouver) 

Sheng Jian Bao at Mama's Dumplings & Coffee (Vancouver)

Spicy Chile Oil Wonton at Chao Shou Wang (Vancouver)

Beef Paomo Soup at Xi'an Dynasty Cuisine (Chicago)

Chicken Noodle Soup with Dumplings at Myung Dong Kyoja (Los Angeles)

Kuy Tiev at Phnom Penh Noodle Shack (Long Beach, CA)

Pork Potstickers at One One Dumpling (San Gabriel, CA)

Spicy Oil Knifecut Noodles at Mandarin Deli (Northridge, CA)

Gyoza at Tenpei (Osaka)

Niku Udon at Chitose Udon (Osaka) 

Special Ramen at Ginza Ramen aka Mugi to Olive (Tokyo)

Yaki Gyoza at Yasubei of Ebisu (Tokyo)

Chikuwa + Karaage Udon at Oniyanma Shimbashi (Tokyo)

 Foie Gras Mazemen at Chuuka Soba Manchiken (Tokyo) 

Wontonmen at Yakumo (Tokyo)

Italian Style Gyoza at Kobe Gyoza (Tokyo)

Sheng Jian Bao from Mama's Dumpling's in Richmond BC

Best Tacos

 Chorizo with Grilled Cheese + Shishito Peppers at Resident Taqueria (Dallas)

Trompo Tacos at Trompo (Dallas)

Cheeseburger Taco at Arigato Market (Chicago)

Tacos Dorados Bañados at Tacos Charlie (Guadalajara) 

Pork and Beans at Alcalde (Guadalajara)  

Bone Marrow Taco at Taco Mando (Guadalajara) 
Tacos de Tripa at Tripitas Don Ramon (Guadalajara)

Steamed Tacos at Tacos Santo Goyote (Guadalajara)

Tacos De Canasta at Tacos de Canasta Don Rossy (Chicago)

Tacos al Pastor at Lucido's Tacos (Chicago)

Tacos al Pastor at Los Guachos (Columbus, OH)

Tacos de Carne Asada at Carniceria Maribel (Chicago)

Tacos Bañados at Del Pueblo Restaurant (Cicero, IL)

Lengua Taco at Barbaro Taqueria (Chicago)

Spider Taco at L.A Birria (Los Angeles) 

Carnitas Mixtas at Carnitas Momo (Los Angeles)

Cochinita Pibil Tacos at Chichen Itza (Los Angeles)

Tacos al Pastor at Tacos Los Guichos (Los Angeles)

Taco Árabe at Los Originales Tacos Árabes de Puebla (Los Angeles) 

Spider Taco from L.A Birria in Los Angeles

Best Burgers

Patty Melt at Fred's Place (Elmhurst, IL)

Double Cheeseburger at Kewpee Lunch (Lima, OH)

Sliders at Crabill's Hamburgers (Urbana, OH)

Double Cheeseburger at K's Hamburgers (Troy, OH)

 Pina Burger at Charly's (Chicago)

Cheeseburger at The Brick (Jonesville, IN)

Cheeseburger at Ritzy's (Columbus, OH)

Double Cheeseburger at The Stop Along (Chicago)

Cheeseburger at Chuck's Place (Salem, IL)

Cheeseburger at JC's Junction Corner (Davis Junction, IL)

Cheeseburger at Moonshine Grill (Moonshine, IL)

Hickory burger at The Apple Pan (Los Angeles)  

Japanese Hamburg at Tsubame Grill (Tokyo)

Cheeseburger from Moonshine Store in Moonshine, IL

 Best Sandwiches

Torta Ahogada at Tortas Ahogadas Don Beto (Guadalajara)

BBQ Sandwich at Starne's (Paducah, KY)

House Special Banh Mi at TM Banh Mi (Portland, OR)

Yolko Ono Breakfast Sandwich at Fried Egg I'm in Love (Portland, OR)

Cuban Sandwich at Cubano Bros (Elk Grove Village, IL)

BBQ Sandwich at Johnson's Southern Style BBQ (Harrisburg, IL)

Doner Sandwich at Ali Baba Doner (Chicago)

Prego Sandwich at Gambrinus (Lisbon)

Cachorrinho Sandwich at Gazela Snack Bar (Porto) 

Pernil Sandwich with Cheese at Casa Guedes (Porto)

Bifana Sandwich at Conga (Porto)

Francesinha Sandwich at Yuko Tavern (Porto) 

House Prego Sandwich at Lareira (Porto)

Pork Gyro Sandwich at Souv Like (Toronto)

Bologna Sandwich at G&R Tavern (Waldo, OH)

Bánh mì Dặc Biệt at Lan Huê Sandwich and Bakery (Seattle)

"Crunchy" Sandwich at Central Bakery (Chicago)

Carne Louca Sandwich at Mulata Kitchen + Coffee (Oak Park, IL)

The #19 at Langer's Deli (Los Angeles)

French Dip Sandwich at Philippe The Original (Los Angeles)

 Ham Katsu Sando at Choushiya (Tokyo)

Bifana Sandwich from Conga in Porto

Best Sweets

Syrian Ice Cream at BigDash Ice Cream (Richardson, TX)

 Icy Taro Ball #4 at Meet Fresh (Chicago)

Ube Sundae at Bayan Ko (Chicago)

Mochi Donuts from Dochi (Seattle)

Fruit Paletas at La Paleteria (Cartagena)

Tigers Blood with Dole Whip at Brian's Shave Ice (Los Angeles)

Donuts at Knead Donuts (Long Beach, CA)

Anmitsu at Ginza Wakamatsu (Tokyo)

Kakigori in Tokyo

Best Meals

Italian Dinner at Munno (Chicago)

Taco Lunch at Revolver Taco Lounge (Dallas)

Laotian Noodle Lunch at Khao Noodle Shop (Dallas)

Mariscos Lunch at El Farallon De Tepic (Guadalajara)

Korean Dinner at Jeong (Chicago)

French-Canadian Snacks at The Dreyfus (Toronto)

Filipino Brunch at BB's Diner (Toronto)

Sichuan Dinner at Szechwan JMC (Chicago)

Southern Dinner at JuneBaby (Seattle)

Japanese-Italian Dinner at Kissa Tanto (Vancouver)

Ceviche Lunch at El Boliche Cebicheria (Cartagena)

Drinks and Snacks at Here's Looking at You (Los Angeles) 

Yakitori Dinner at Yakitoriya (Los Angeles)

Mariscos Lunch at Mariscos El Faro (Los Angeles)

Korean Lunch at Baroo Canteen (Los Angeles)

Yakiton Dinner at Kitashinchi Tayutayu (Osaka)

Sushi Breakfast at Endo Sushi (Osaka)

Yakitori Dinner at Toritama Hankan (Tokyo)

Tonkatsu Dinner at Tonkatsu Taiho (Tokyo)

Duck Ramen Set (with Duck Oyakodon) at Kamo to Negi (Tokyo)

Dinner at JuneBaby in Seattle

Note: Even though some memorable bites were had from places no longer with us I chose not to include them as my readers can no longer have what I had.

See ya next year @chibbqking


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