Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Charly's Burgers

-Got Beef?
The Burgers of Chi

There's lots of ways to find new restaurant openings but the best for me is by taking a ride. I've been up and down the city streets so much I can tell right away when a new place has opened. While riding down Cicero I noticed a new spot which was confirmed right away with a banner announcing the grand opening of Charly's Burgers. I couldn't eat then and there but I did do a quick search and the results were all positive. After visiting I learned they had only been open for about two weeks.

 Newly Opened in Hermosa

I know what you're thinking. Oh yeah another burger spot. As if we don't have a lot. I was thinking the same thing. But Charly's managed to catch my attention right away with a mention of their 90/10 patty in the window. Burgers are ground in-house using a 90% beef and 10% bacon blend. I believe the owner is Mexican-American and options like the Pina Burger below have been popular. It's made from a fresh 6 oz patty with grilled pineapple, melted Chihuahua cheese, sautéed onion / jalapeños on a toasted S. Rosens bun. Both the burger and fresh cut fries were very well made. I’ll be going back.

 Pina Burger at Charly's

Charly's Burgers
2320 N Cicero Ave
Chicago, IL 60639
(773) 887-5481

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