Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grubseeker Goes Off in Nawlins

-Snoopin' around
a peak into my favorite food sites

Anyone out there have Mardi Gras vacation plans down in New Orleans? Oh how I wish I did. Not this time around, but a return trip to the Crescent City is in my future. I envy those who are headed down there this March. My guy Jim over at Grub Seeker just took his fam on a food and fun filled adventure down to Nawlins and shared it all with the world wide web. Anyone that goes by the alias 'Grubseeker' is going to no doubt be getting his grub on! Unless he's feeding you some mouth full of BS if ya know what I mean. After a week down in NOLA that included food stops of all types he was nice enough to share his plates and vaca experiences with us so we can use them as research for food and fun vacations down in the Big Easy. Anyone going to New Orleans looking for restaurant recommendations needs to hop on over to his domain m'aan. Jimmy got his grub on.

Seven Dishes Grub Seeker devoured that got my eye...

Duck Pastrami Slider from Cochon Butcher (Pic by Grubseeker)

"The Pig & The Peach" Root beer braised pork belly from Commander's Palace

Local caught crab ravioli from Luke Restaurant (Pic by Grubseeker)

Deep fried crab claws from Casamento's (Pic by Grubseeker)

Local caught fresh steamed crab from Big Fisherman Seafood's (Pic by Grubseeker)

20 day dry aged ribeye steak from Delmonico (Pic by Grubseeker)

Eggs Benedict with lump crab meat from Galatoire's (Pic by Grubseeker)

Hot damn huh? this White Sox fan knows how to eat, not your typical White Sox Fan's splurge of a 7-11 Wiener with a side of nachos along with a twelve pack of Old Styles 'eh? Grub Seeker is a great resource for Lasalle County IL area food stops as well as Chicagoland spots since he likes to head down this way and put down a few with you know who. Also wherever he's headed with his family on vacation, he's sure to eat it up right and not just all that but he's also a Cajun/Creole recipe king as well as a world class BBQ connoisseur. All of his New Orleans food stops are documented on his site during the months of January and February of 2011. All that as well as other great food stops and some big manly man recipes make it a regular in my rotation. Check out Da Grub Seeker HERE.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Buffalo Fish & Tavern Style Pizza

Eating like a local:
Regional food specialties

-Tavern Eating in Central IL

Happy President's day to all. With that I figured we take a trip down to Central IL around the states capitol, Springfield. The Land of Lincoln has been featured on here before and you can see all the past stories by clicking "Springfield" under the tags. I love going around eating the specialties of different regions and seeing what they have to offer the food world. I had been very interested and intrigued by this thread over on LTH. Since this thread on Central IL was started so much useful information was supplied by the OP and the others who have joined in on it. As intriguing as fried turtle sounds (it's one of their specialties), there just hasn't been enough good said to make me want to really try it. Within the same discussion Buffalo fish has been brought up. It's another animal they live off of straight out the river.

A bridge to take cars over the river

Upon reading about Buffalo fish I was instantly intrigued and had been wishing to try some since. Within time (During May of 2010) we were headed down the Illinois River Road for some food exploration en route to Springfield. I did a good chunk of the WI River Road (To be featured soon) and gotta say that it is much more scenic than ours. There really isn't alot going on both food and people wise. We drove thru Beardstown and it was the first somewhat not dead spot along the road. My buddy who's done alot of campaign work on the trails of IL said that there's a chicken processing plant in Beardstown and many if not all of its residents work there. Many of the small town population is Mexican so we spotted and were tempted by a few grocery stores with taquerias but wanted to find what we were on our mission for. Unfortunately Star Cafe which came highly rec'd for Buffalo fish is now closed...

...So is the local theater like in so many other small American towns

But my buddy used to work for Gov. Thompson and he knew of a spot in Detroit, IL located in Pike County which is the deer hunting capitol of the state. We made our way there and upon crossing a drawbridge drove into the town of 100. Just like the last few stops there was nothing going on here. My buddy made a call and was told the place we were looking for (called Woodies by him) was at the other side of the drawbridge and right before the town of Detroit (in what I learned is Pittsfield) so we had overshot it. Right after crossing the bridge seen above you make a right into the lot with a place located along the river.

The entrance into the camouflage bar

So on we went into the place where Governor Thompson and his right hand man would take the helicopter to on weekends when things in the office were going easy, they would go grab a buffalo sandwich from E&W. Since Detroit has only 100 people and not much else near it, upon entering the 13 or so regulars all glanced over and wondered who we were. This is a pretty big bar and there are 15+ tables outside along the river.

Half of the people that go to E&W's on wkds

We took a seat at a table and got some High Life's and asked if they had Buffalo fish sandwiches and she said "not uh hun, only on weekends" Well aint that a bitch! We came a ways and I really wanted to try some but it wasn't going to happen here. I got some catfish instead and the bartender went back to get it prepared and one of the self described "alcoholic regulars" was celebrating his 26th bday and was really into the spirits of it. We got a "where the hell y'alls from" from him and I said "Chicago" and he said "sorry" but that was about it as far as intimidation. He asked us what we were doing down there and we said we were looking for some Buffalo fish. So he came over and talked us up for about 10 mins and the conversations and quotes and actions were anything from boring. Lets just say the bday boy was a character.

The menu at Ed & Woodie's

However he was a nice dude and simply explained that hes country, he likes what he does (contracting and hunting, fishing etc...) and where he lives and that's fine by me. Later on his dad couldn't believe we drove from Springfield for a buffalo fish sandwich, even though we were going to Springfield, we drove from Chicago. Most people would find that crazy too...I asked about the buffalo and he was happy to talk about it. They told us that they only do them on weekends because there isn't much going on during the weekdays. The fact they served food at all during the weekdays was described as the yocal as unique since the people at the bar were pretty much the only ones that go there on weekdays. We were told that on weekends people come from around the way to sit outside by the river and drink and eat and see some live music when they have that going on and of course eat Buffalo fish sandwiches which they all seemed to really love. I became even more intrigued by them by how good this places catfish was. I don't usually order catfish but this stuff was perfectly breaded and cooked.

fried catfish plate

So after our trip down the river we headed on over to Springfield where we would be staying for a couple nights. My buddy had some work to do so I set off on a foodventure throughout town. After he was done with work, I picked him up and he asked "what we were doing for food?" Oh man I just ate a ton seen on this site and coming soon. So I was pretty damn full but he wanted to take up on the offer the chef at the Gov's Mansion made to us. When we talked to him of the Buffalo carp he said that we could get it from a local fish supplier which he gave us the address too and bring it to the mansion and he'd cook some up for us. It was an offer we couldn't refuse but since the house was in session he had a last second thing he had to do and was super sorry to cancel but did leave us with this bit of info "seek out the West Woods Lodge, they may have it" and so we did.

a locals favorite in Springfield, IL

A lady who works with my buddy said her husband loves the pizza here and since we got the tip above about Buffalo Carp we headed over to see whats up. Picture a place owned by a big time hunter. A place where the walls are decked out in stuffed animals (not the ones kids like) that were shot by him on trips around the world. This Northwoods type lodge/bar is exactly what you have pictured in your head. It was our lucky day as we spotted on the menu Treadway Lake Buffalo Carp. So I had to order it. They also have Springfield's own horseshoes with buffalo, elk or crawfish here. Oh and we also got a pizza, why not right? at this point I might as well eat all night into the morning.

Everywhere you look...

I was so full I didn't think I would eat much of this sandwich and then this massive plate pictured below comes popping out. Well I manned up and started digging in. Before I knew it I had eaten a sandwich of it and pretty much every piece of flesh off the skin. It was different as far as the looks and handle but the super flaky flesh was perfectly breaded and pulled off really easy. I was able to get a picture (and taste) of what this Central Illinois delicacy is all about. I would love some right now, very much enjoyed it. Traditionally the fried buffalo fish is served with fries, rye bread and raw onions. You make your own sandwich as it arrives.

Buffalo Carp Dinner

Buffalo Sandwich, a locals favorite eat in Central IL

I loved it, really flaky

What about the pizza? Not bad at all, pretty damn good. It did me real well at 3 in da morning later that night. I wish I could go on and remember more but I'm in a haze. I ended up watching the Blackhawks at a locals bar called the Curve Inn while my buddy schlepped with _____. I then ended up doing shots with some biker gangs and some CPD in town for a memorial until 3a. Why was the bike gang drinking Jager and the popo drinking rumpleminze? neither of that shat is tough. You better believe I called them out on it as I threw down my Jameson and celebratory (cinco de mayo) tequila shots. Quite the evening at the old Curve Inn, like you get in the movies when the characters walk into a random bikers bar. Except I guess they all liked me.

Tavern Style Pizza in Springfield

Ed & Woodies
Ste 2, 104 N Florence Rd
Pittsfield, IL 62363
(217) 723-9306

Westwoods Lodge Pub & Grill
2406 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62702-3403
(217) 698-9256

Westwoods Lodge Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

Curve Inn
3219 South 6th Street
Springfield, IL 62703
(217) 529-5806

Friday, February 18, 2011

Del Seoul

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where those in with the trend eat at.

Anyone who reads my site knows that I like to stay away from what everyone else is talking and writing about in the food world. I try and explore the less known joints you wont find in Timeout or Metromix, the places that locals have been eating at long before whoever writes the stories about the trendy spots moved here into the city. However I don't have a problem with new places or spots that are going with the trend, just as long as they do what they're doing right. So when Del Seoul opened up in my (born and raised) neighborhood I was intrigued since it was basically the first Korean taco joint in Chicago, a trend that has swept thru LA and other parts of the country. I was even invited to come in for a special sneak peak but I didn't feel that was fair since no one else ever knows who I am at these places I go too. So even though I declined on the special guest invite, I have been over there to eat on a few occasions since it. They didn't know it was me.

a new on the scene and hot spot in Lincoln Park

Del Seoul is a Korean joint with some fusion added in. Since our people in politics are too stupid to allow street food and trucks etc, Korean tacos were relatively unknown in the area until Del Seoul brought them to it when they opened. Aside from the ever so popular tacos, they also do a traditional Korean bi bim bop as well as grilled Korean bbq plates and a few other things. The menu is actually small but getting bigger as they get settled in. It's been busy from out the gate so I respect what they've been doing the last 8-10 months since they've been open. Lets take a look at some of the menu items offered. All of these are inspired by the popular street foods of Korea and California.

Rockin' kimchi

^Many of the menus items are made using the owners grandmas old recipes. In fact both he mom and grandma can be found in the back kitchen doing up their specialties, I've seen it firsthand. The kimchi was one of the best versions I've had and I have bought some just to have in the fridge and play around with in dishes I make before. I thought it was really good and I hope they get a kimchi burger onto the menu board sometime soon. Also great but not pictured are the market picklz, which are Kirby cucumbers with toasted sesame seeds and chili. God stuff ma'aan.

Seoul Style Street Dumplings

^The dumplings are my favorite menu item at Del Seoul. In fact they are some of my favorite dumplings in the entire city. This is one of those old time family recipes they use and I always get an order when I go to eat here. So they say the recipe is a 100 year old all in the family kept secret. The dumplings are handmade and the skin is thin like I like it. They're perfectly steamed with the just right texture and strong taste of ground pork with seasonings inside.

Kimchi Fries

^These are one of those fusion creations we talked about up above. They take fresh cut fries and fry them to perfection and then they are topped with sauteed kimchi, onions and pork belly, on top of all that goes melted cheddar jack cheese and sour cream. Some people I've talked to and read from did not like these, I thought they were great. I'll get them again.

beef bi bim bop

^This is a traditional Korean dish and one of my favorites dishes out there. I always order bi bim bop if a place that intrigues me has it. Now many spots offer this favorite in a stone bowl which makes the rice crispy at the bottom and I think better. They have the stone bowls at Del Seoul but I have not tried one with the bi bim bop. The only time I ever tried it I took it to go. It was pretty good. I've had better versions but this might of been a just opened still working out the kinks type thing. The beef wasn't that great and not merely as good as the other dishes it had it in and the sauce was just ok. I still ate the whole thing so it wasn't disgusting or anything like that.

Korean Tacos (shrimp, pork and beef)

Now these are what everyone was rushing over there for when they first opened. Business is still busy too because every time I have been in there it was packed, mostly with hip young Asians. Korean tacos are the new trend in food. They're a simple fusion that when done right turns into a chow kings pleasure. They take common Korean grilled meats and throw them into a tortilla and they are topped at Del Seoul with a cilantro and onion relish, chili garlic salsa and a secret slaw. Served on corn tortillas they can come with kalbi aka grilled short rib, spicy bbq pork and chicken as well as sesame chili shrimp which are hand battered panko crusted shrimp. At first they needed to get the recipe down pat but since then these bad boys are a great snack at under $3 each. They also offer bahn mi sandwiches and have BBQ mixed plates. I hate the tredy spots but that because most are just that, this is a trend that will live on and I'm happy to have them in the neighborhood.

Korean tacos are the hot food trend

Del Seoul
2568 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 248-4227

Del Seoul on Urbanspoon

Monday, February 14, 2011

Five More Burgers

-Got beef?
The Burgers of Chi

We have an announcement to make here at chibbqking. During the month of May, which is also national hamburger month, we will have all posts from it in 2011 dedicated to some great burgers around the country that I have consumed over the last year. In fact I've had so many burgers over the last 12 months that I would bet cash money with anyone who thinks they have had more than me. Seriously, I highly doubt it. So by all means, please stay tuned. The "five more..." series is an ongoing one here at S'C'&C and we will continue with that today as we chow down five more burgers from around Chicagoland. Eat up and enjoy!

Illinois Bar & Grill

a locals favorite on 47th street out by Midway

Illinois Bar & Grill has long been a favorite of mine. I've been going here for a couple decades now. It was featured back in May of '09 on this site and I've been back there a few times since it's original post which can be found HERE. I found myself at IB&G a few months back late into the night one evening as I stopped in for a beer and burger with a friend. The place still has the same great vibe but has also updated their furniture and bar area. The smell of fresh cut wood is in the air now as they have redone the whole bar and seating area with new furniture managing to keep that old school vibe alive that so many love. On my last visit I had one of their classic and massive cheeseburgers taken up another notch with bacon added on. This bad boy can hang out with the greats. Check it out.

Bacon Cheeseburger from Illinois Bar & Grill


a locals favorite along Damen ave in Lincoln Square

Budacki's is another spot that has been featured here on the site. Back in November of '08 it was introduced as was the "KingT's Wing Fling" series which also featured the hot dogs from here. Well as it turns out they make a very good burger as well. The menu here is pretty solid as far as everything being good as long as that's what your in the mood for. So about a week back I found myself near Budacki's and in the mood for a burger. So I stopped in and gave one a try. I'm glad I did. A 1/2 pound double cheese with fries and a can of pop is just a little over $6 and worth every penny. They take two fresh patty's of beef and throw them on the grill and smash them down while cooking. They go onto a toasted sesame seed bun with the toppings of your choice. McDonald's, Burger King etc...wish they were like this.

Double Cheeseburger from Budacki's

My Creamery/Iron Horse Express

a small chain in the southern suburbs of Chicago

Last year around this very time I was out and about in the south suburbs and while out there I drove by one of these spots. The Creamery has seven locations around the Southern suburbs of Chicago and as I drove by one of them one day, the "Rainbow Cone Served Here" sign in the window caught my eye. Rainbow Cone is a Chicago southside tradition that will get it's day here on the site sometime this summer. Meanwhile these Creamery's that can be found serve Rainbow cones as well as their other homemade flavors, they also have a grill serving burgers etc...So I decided to give one a try that day and it was a-ok. Nothing too special but a very good eat for the less than $5 it costs. I didn't get to try any of their ice cream but I will if I ever pass one by in the summertime.

Cheeseburger from Iron Horse Express

Good Burger

Located on Burnham ave in Calumet City

I was cruising thru Cal City when this place Good Burger caught my eye. The promise of hand packed patty's and specialty burgers was too much to pass up so I did a U-turn and headed in for a bite. The menu features a few specialty burgers as well as the regulars like chicken sandwiches, wings etc...It's located inside an old Bakers Square or something to that extent but I went in anyway. I ended up going with the cheeseburger with the works minus the ketchup which came with fresh cut fries. It wasn't anything to write home about. You can see the picture below.

Cheeseburger from Good Burger

Hamburger King

an old locals favorite in Wrigleyville

It's almost springtime which means baseball isn't far away. With that comes trips to Wrigley and Comiskey to watch some major league baseball. Hamburger King aka Chester's which is about a 10 minute walk from Wrigley Field has been featured on here before. It is one of my favorite breakfast stops in the city and you should really check out it's complete report HERE. It's so good and in my regular chowing rotation enough that it's actually been featured twice so check HERE too. It was Sunday morning and I was in need of something other than liquid in my stomach and Hamburger King came to mind. My thought was maybe it was time to try the massive heart fighting burger I had planned too for a while now so that's what I did.

KingT's special at the Hamburger King

From the bottom up: Double cheeseburger with some aromatic grilled onions topped with two slices of American cheese which is then topped with a fried egg followed by two cooked 'til perfectly crispy pieces of bacon, and then all that is topped with some rice and gravy that is thrown onto the upper part of the hamburgers bun. Put together and enjoy! This is one of the baddest hamburgers in the city, don't mess with it unless you have been in battles with burgers like it before.

Who want what?

Illinois Bar & Grill on 47th*
4135 W 47th St
Chicago, IL 60632
(773) 847-2525
*Also a location at Midway Airport

Budacki's Drive In
4739 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 561-1322

My Creamery/Iron Horse Express
Click HERE for locations

Good Burger
634 Burnham Ave
Calumet City, IL 60409
(708) 801-9980

Hamburger King
3435 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 281-4452
Note: Open for breakfast/lunch only

Friday, February 11, 2011

Beef & Noodles

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

With the brutal cold streak that hit us after the winter storm I figured now was the perfect time for my annual beef and noodles dinner. I've loved this comfort dish since I was a kid and still do as a grown ass man. I make it for dinner once every winter and it's day usually comes during the frigid weather like anything below zero. This is a great dish on a cold winters day because it's simple prep work and fills the house with a wonderful aroma. It's also got some history in Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as other parts of the state where the Amish reside. I like everyone else out there has been making variations of beef and noodles as far as exact recipes go. However I think I hit the nail in the coffin with this years version so I am going to keep the recipe on record here on the site as I share it with y'all.

Ingredients (Serves 4-6)

- 1 six or seven pound chuck roast
- 1 package of egg noodles (use Essenhaus or another Amish brand if you can)
- about a cup each of chopped celery and carrots (cut them about 4 or 5 inches a piece)
- One shallot, partially chopped up
- 1 Lipton onion soup dry mix pouch
- 1 Can of cut up mushrooms
- 2 or 3 cans of beef broth
- One can chicken broth
- One can of condensed cream of mushroom soup
- Either half or a whole cup of red wine
- One package of fresh sliced mushrooms


Getting my meat good to go

1) Set your oven to 350. Start off by rubbing each side of the roast with the Lipton soup mix. Take a large roasting pot or pan and lube it up with olive oil until it starts to crackle. Place the roast into the pot and nicely brown each side (about 5 mins per) and then remove the roast from the pot and throw in the veggies. Saute the celery and carrots for five minutes and then add the shallots and cook for two more minutes. Brush the veggies off to the side in the pot and throw the roast back in.

Giving it all sorts of flavor by browning it

2) Pour the cup of red wine into the pan and use a wooden spoon to scrape up the good parts and then proceed to add both broths and the can of mushrooms with their juice along with the condensed cream of mushroom soup. Make sure the roast is pretty much covered with liquid and stir it up so that the soup breaks down. Add the top to the pan and put in the oven for four to five hours or until the meat falls apart on contact.

3) When meat is ready remove it from the pot and let it sit and cool. While the meat is cooling cook your noodles according to the package and while that's going on remove the veggies and everything else aside from the liquid from your roasting pan and discard of it. Put the pan over a high heat burner and cook the liquid down into a gravy whihc will take about 10-15 minutes. You may need to use a little flour for thickening.

4) Once no longer too hot to handle, shred your beef into bite size pieces and remove stringy or large chunks of fat so that it's all goof eating like the pieces seen below. You can also start to saute the sliced mushrooms in whatever fashion you like.

da beef for Beef & Noodles

5) Once the noodles are ready, drain them and rinse with oil and butter and throw them into the pot of gravy followed by the beef and then the mushrooms. Mix it all together and enjoy.

chibbqking beef & noodles

See ya next time on S'C'&C with the King.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot Diggity Dogs

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

Hot Diggity Dogs opened up about a year or two ago over on Wellington in Lakeview. When I first saw the spot, it immediately caught my eye. The neon Vienna Beef sign in the window was a good sign as was the fact it is located almost directly under the El and the Wellington brown line stop. Oh the memories it brought back. As a child I lived off Demon Dogs which is a legendary hot dog stand no longer around that was located directly under the Fullerton el stop.

RIP Demon Dogs

I used to go there in grade school and high school after school every day when I got off the train and so on. I miss Demon Dogs and their classic hot dogs with the Chicago (the band) music playing in the background. I was excited because Hot Diggity Dogs isn't all that far from my place and you can never have too many good hot dogs stands in the city, especially these parts. So I had to hop on in and try a hot dog from here.

Located under the Wellington Brown Line stop

Obviously hot dogs are on the menu as are other usual items like sausage, Italian beef, meatball sandwich, chili and a few others. I think they use all Vienna Beef products with the items on the menu but I have only tried the dogs. The fries are cut fresh which is the first important part in a great Chicago hot dog satnd. Obviously the dog is very much a factor but all the spots that serve great depression style dogs also known as minimalist dogs use fresh cut fries which are piled on top. Another real important part is the use of a natural casing Vienna beef 8 to 10 to a pound wiener. Well guess what? they also use those. So far so very good.

On my first visit I got a dog with everything choosing not to even see what that was. The only part different than the rest of the great minimalist dog spots is at Hot Diggity everything includes tomatoes and a pickle spear. You can easily get your dog the minimalist way by adding just mustard, onions, relish and sport peppers. I like to add the pickle and eat it separately. They could also fry the fries a little longer but all in all this is a good hot dog stand to have in your neighborhood. How you going to complain when a dog and fries is three bucks? and that includes tax. Holladay.

Hot Dog with everything from Hot Diggity Dogs

Hot Diggity Dogs
947 West Wellington Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 472-5446

Hot Diggity Dogs on Urbanspoon

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Philly Way

Eating like a local:
Regional food specialties

-Real Cheesesteaks in WI

Well congrats to the Green Bay Pack (It kills me to say that). Aaron Rodgers and company have brought the Lombardi Trophy back home to Green Bay and with that we head to Milwaukee. Since one of the teams the Packers took out on their road to Dallas was the Eagles, I thought why not post about the Philly Way today. It's a local legend in Milwaukee where they serve up some fine Philly Cheesesteaks in the historic third ward neighborhood.

a locals favorite in Milwaukee, WI

I first read about The Philly Way up in Milwaukee while waiting on a cheesesteak from Philly's Best in Chicago. Philadelphia Magazine did an article a few years back about the best cheesesteaks in America outside the Philly/Delaware region. It was framed on the wall at Philly's Best because they were featured in the article as was The Philly Way. Just like Philly's Best, The Philly Way was started by a transplant to Milwaukee from Philadelphia. The article proclaimed these the best cheesesteaks outside the region where they originate.

The menu and your options

The owner got his Philly cheesesteak degree at Pat's in the Italian Market strip in South Philly and he does everything the Philly way. We visited on a Friday around 1p after the wait was out the door at a local burger joint, we headed to The Philly Way to try a sandwich first. It's about a five minute drive from the popular Sobleman's tavern located near the industrial district there in Milwaukee. It's a small spot with a few tables with three stools around each and a counter with about four seats in front of the kitchen. There is a tented patio next door making there more room but when we were there, they had over 15 people crammed into the spot and no one wasn't willing to wait which was a great sign.

Philly Sports Memorabilia

Cheez Whiz is an option on your sandwich

Well obviously we were there for the cheesesteaks. They offer a few types of cheese including whiz but I prefer mine with white American. The grill is small and you gotta respect that they don't throw tons of shaved steak on it so that it steams instead of browns up. With about eight people ahead of us, our order took about 20-25 minutes which wasn't a prob for me. When our names were called we took the sandwiches to the tented eating area next door where they also have a window if you wanna watch them make the steaks.

Real cheesesteak sandwich

So enough storytelling already, how were they? Excellent! No, I'm no real Philly cheesesteak expert but one of my two friends who was with me is, he's born and raised in Philly and even he was singing The Philly Way's praises. Hell, he even got another one to take back home to Chicago. The meat was excellent, no steak umm like flavor with these bad boys. We both agreed these were much better than Philly's Best. I guess they have the bread made by a local baker to the exact specifications of the owner which is the real Philly way. The onions were pleasantly potent and my only little complain is that the cheese could have been better melted but I did that myself by squeezing the thing together. I'll be back to the Philly Way next time I'm in Milwaukee. Good stuff. See ya next time on S'C'&C.

mmm mmm good

The Philly Way
405 South 2nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 273-2355

Philly Way on Urbanspoon


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