Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hot Diggity Dogs

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

Hot Diggity Dogs opened up about a year or two ago over on Wellington in Lakeview. When I first saw the spot, it immediately caught my eye. The neon Vienna Beef sign in the window was a good sign as was the fact it is located almost directly under the El and the Wellington brown line stop. Oh the memories it brought back. As a child I lived off Demon Dogs which is a legendary hot dog stand no longer around that was located directly under the Fullerton el stop.

RIP Demon Dogs

I used to go there in grade school and high school after school every day when I got off the train and so on. I miss Demon Dogs and their classic hot dogs with the Chicago (the band) music playing in the background. I was excited because Hot Diggity Dogs isn't all that far from my place and you can never have too many good hot dogs stands in the city, especially these parts. So I had to hop on in and try a hot dog from here.

Located under the Wellington Brown Line stop

Obviously hot dogs are on the menu as are other usual items like sausage, Italian beef, meatball sandwich, chili and a few others. I think they use all Vienna Beef products with the items on the menu but I have only tried the dogs. The fries are cut fresh which is the first important part in a great Chicago hot dog satnd. Obviously the dog is very much a factor but all the spots that serve great depression style dogs also known as minimalist dogs use fresh cut fries which are piled on top. Another real important part is the use of a natural casing Vienna beef 8 to 10 to a pound wiener. Well guess what? they also use those. So far so very good.

On my first visit I got a dog with everything choosing not to even see what that was. The only part different than the rest of the great minimalist dog spots is at Hot Diggity everything includes tomatoes and a pickle spear. You can easily get your dog the minimalist way by adding just mustard, onions, relish and sport peppers. I like to add the pickle and eat it separately. They could also fry the fries a little longer but all in all this is a good hot dog stand to have in your neighborhood. How you going to complain when a dog and fries is three bucks? and that includes tax. Holladay.

Hot Dog with everything from Hot Diggity Dogs

Hot Diggity Dogs
947 West Wellington Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 472-5446

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Pork Drunk said...

That diggity dog looks awesome!

Last summer I made a trip to Wrigley and hit a dog joint before the game. I guess I couldn't turn down any dog place in the city.

A new place opened up in Glendale, WI right off of I-43 called Dr. Dawg's owned by former Chicagoaans, Chicago-style and all.


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