Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grubseeker Goes Off in Nawlins

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Anyone out there have Mardi Gras vacation plans down in New Orleans? Oh how I wish I did. Not this time around, but a return trip to the Crescent City is in my future. I envy those who are headed down there this March. My guy Jim over at Grub Seeker just took his fam on a food and fun filled adventure down to Nawlins and shared it all with the world wide web. Anyone that goes by the alias 'Grubseeker' is going to no doubt be getting his grub on! Unless he's feeding you some mouth full of BS if ya know what I mean. After a week down in NOLA that included food stops of all types he was nice enough to share his plates and vaca experiences with us so we can use them as research for food and fun vacations down in the Big Easy. Anyone going to New Orleans looking for restaurant recommendations needs to hop on over to his domain m'aan. Jimmy got his grub on.

Seven Dishes Grub Seeker devoured that got my eye...

Duck Pastrami Slider from Cochon Butcher (Pic by Grubseeker)

"The Pig & The Peach" Root beer braised pork belly from Commander's Palace

Local caught crab ravioli from Luke Restaurant (Pic by Grubseeker)

Deep fried crab claws from Casamento's (Pic by Grubseeker)

Local caught fresh steamed crab from Big Fisherman Seafood's (Pic by Grubseeker)

20 day dry aged ribeye steak from Delmonico (Pic by Grubseeker)

Eggs Benedict with lump crab meat from Galatoire's (Pic by Grubseeker)

Hot damn huh? this White Sox fan knows how to eat, not your typical White Sox Fan's splurge of a 7-11 Wiener with a side of nachos along with a twelve pack of Old Styles 'eh? Grub Seeker is a great resource for Lasalle County IL area food stops as well as Chicagoland spots since he likes to head down this way and put down a few with you know who. Also wherever he's headed with his family on vacation, he's sure to eat it up right and not just all that but he's also a Cajun/Creole recipe king as well as a world class BBQ connoisseur. All of his New Orleans food stops are documented on his site during the months of January and February of 2011. All that as well as other great food stops and some big manly man recipes make it a regular in my rotation. Check out Da Grub Seeker HERE.

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