Friday, October 29, 2010

Fat Sandwich Company

-Drunken Late Nite Eats in Mad City

With this being Halloween weekend and Madison, WI being one of the best places to party on Halloween we head on up there for some scary eats. I was in Madison over the summer and had as always a great night of drinking and eating on my visit. After we visited The Plaza for one of their famous burgers we went over to the Great Dane and had quite a few of their fantastic brews and bada bing before you knew it, we were hungry again.

The Great Dane is one of Mad City's best drinking joints

So after last call we headed back to our hotel just off State st. and I came to see another new place in Madison that wasn't in Mad City when I was there. Located right next to University Inn where The Den used to be back when I was around is a new college eats place called Fat Sandwich Company. It's open late nite and caters to the drunken college crowd in Madison as you can tell from its menu which has what looks to me what are obvious stoners creations everywhere on it.

Drunken Late Night Eats in Madison, WI

Fat Sandwich is basically a ripoff of the famous Rutger's University food stand that serves sandwiches with everything in them called The Fat Darrell. According to it's website they have other locations, also in college towns. I had to try one since it was right next door to our hotel and so I got a Fat Milf which I think was cheesesteak, bacon, cheesesticks, cheese fries and some other stuff thrown in a roll. I also spied a Luther burger on the menu and had to have one. These sandwiches should not be eaten by anyone sober. I don't think they were anything special but if intoxicated they become a little something if your hungry. But its not really all about taste at that point is it?

Fat Milf Sandwich

Now the Luther Burger is a little more respectable and there's no problem with eating one of them when your stoned sober. Although they have also been dubbed a cardiologists worst nightmare. This famous style of burger is said to be named after singer/songwriter Luther Vandross who is a lover of this style which takes a glazed donut which is cut in half and replaces the bun on a bacon cheeseburger. This version was ok but did not do the Luther Burger justice.

bacon cheeseburger served on a glazed donut aka a Luther Burger

Well I didn't wake up feeling like a million bucks to say the very least. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat at one these places and unless I'm drinking late into the night in a college town somewhere I doubt I'll ever be back to one. But is was a filling late nite meal and some would say horrifying. Happy Halloween to all and if your going to drink a bunch and make a fool of yourself, make sure you don't drive. Holladay.

Fits in well in Wisconsin

Fat Sandwich Company
555 State Street
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 819-8118

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brown's Chicken & Pasta

Regional Fast Food
-Chicagoland's Fried Chicken franchise

Brown's Chicken and Pasta was recently sold off at auction to a former exec. The fried chicken franchise known by most people in Chicagoland (and many throughout the country, though for different reasons) has had a storied past to say the least. It was sold for just over half a million and the company has 38 locations two of which are owned by them and the rest franchised. I decided to get at this post today since I saw a free coupon for an order of their famous fried mushrooms on the cover of this past Sunday's Chicago Tribune and also since they are starting over yet again. Of course it will always be hard to escape that cold winter day back in 1993 in Palatine, IL when the Brown's Chicken Massacre took place. It was a horrific story and one that captured national media attention from the day it happened in '93, up until the killer was finally found in '02 and then sentenced to life in prison in 2007. Whenever I hear the name Brown's Chicken I cant help but think of the murders and the same goes for Palatine. But I am posting because I like Brown's Chicken and am always tempted to stop for some of it if not most definitely the mushrooms.

Location in Skokie, IL

Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Type: Franchised
Founded in: 1964
How Many Today: About 40
Locations in: IL, IN
Menu item that made them: Fried Chicken

The companies history as told by me

Originally founded by John Brown and Frank Portillo in Chicago they had expanded to many locations by the 70's. After nice start up success they added pasta to the menu in the 80's and also added it to the name. The 90's were tough with the massacre and then they tried to rebuild their image after that and added a "Chicago way" part to the menu that included Chicago fast food favorites like Italian beef and hot dogs. Frank Portillo is a brother of Dick Portillo who is the founder of the famous Chicagoland Portillo's restaurants. At some point there was a battle between its owners and it went bankrupt and and were sold earlier this month. The new owner was quoted on his purchase saying “Brown’s is an iconic, Chicago-based brand that we feel can be brought back and be everything it was and more, if done right, We’re focused on doing the right steps to stabilize and maintain the company.” I think he's right and if handled properly this is a nice purchase for what they got it at. Just don't change a damn thing with the fried mushrooms. Got it? Good.

Brown's famous fried favorite app. in fast food

I have always been a fan of Brown's and used to get it as a kid when there was one in my vicinity that I could get too on my bike. But then after the murders they kind of disappeared for a while and then made a comeback when they added the beef, hot dogs and stuff and more of them started popping up again. But just like any franchised place it all depends on how each location is run. It was probably close to a decade in between visits for me but I like Brown's alot when the location is ran right. When the chicken is hot out the fryer it's some of the best in fast food chicken right there with Popeye's for me and way way better than KFC. Their slogan is "It tastes better" and it really does. But it's those magical mushrooms that keep me coming back since my first visit in forever a year or two back. They take fresh never frozen 'shrooms which are batter dipped and fried to a perfect golden brown. I pop them like popcorn, cant get enough. I'll even get some of the mostaccioli with a meatball or two when I'm hungry. Different locations can have slightly varying menus with stuff like livers and gizzards available at some stops. Don't let what that nut job did stop you from getting some fried chicken that just tastes better. Simple as that.

Brown's fried chicken

Click HERE for the company website.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Senor Pan

-The Sammy's of Chi

When I first rolled up on Senor Pan I was hesitant about trying it out. Located in a strip mall with the looks of a franchise place it didn't appeal to me all that much. But since the Cuban sandwich is my 2nd favorite regional sammy (of course beefs are my first) I gave it a go and pulled into the lot. It's located on Fullerton ave in Logan Square and despite the looks of a franchise fast food place from both outside and in it is not that. This is the only location, maybe they are trying to start a franchise because it looks much more like a fast food joint than a mom and pop shop. It is however a family owned restaurant and they opened in 2007 serving classic Cuban cuisine in a comfortable cafeteria like setting.

Along Fullerton ave. in Logan Square

Plastered on the windows and walls inside are high quality decals with professionally done photos of menu items and deals on them. I was a little thrown back but at the same time one of the ad's was for their frita cubana sliders and a meal that came with two of them and a couple empanadas at a pretty cheap price. It caught my eye so I ordered that along with my Cuban sandwich. The rest of the menu features popular Cuban breakfast and dinner entrees as well as a list of sandwiches along with soup, salads and of course, coffee.

Caught me off guard...

Frita Cubanas are Cuban hamburgers very popular in Miami and something I love to get when I find myself in the 305. Different places takes on them can vary but typically the standard is a patty (sometimes mixed with bread crumbs, eh) that is topped with a spiced mayo/ketchup along and potato sticks and served on a sweet bread roll. Check out a recipe for them I use HERE. I found Senor Pan's burgers to be eh at best. I didn't like the patty and the bun was too sweet. The empanadas were better but not by much.

Frita Cubana sliders and empanada from Senor Pan

The hamburger meal was cheap and didn't disappoint since I wasn't expecting much but it was different when it came to the Cuban sandwich. I lived in Tampa for a year and during that time fell in love with Cuban sandwiches. It's virtually impossible to find a great one outside south Florida but there are still many places that serve above average version, just like there are many that serve awful styles of them. I am happy to say that Senor Pan was one of the places that serves a very respectable Cuban sandwich. One thing that makes them so hard to find outside South Florida is the bread which cant be found outside there. So the bread on this one was just ok but everything else was nice. Especially the ham. Too many places just use cheap deli sliced ham that they throw on the grill and cook for a couple minutes. The ham from this Cuban might of came off the bone and was the real stuff. The roasted pork was nice as well and they didn't skimp on the pickles. I would for sure stop in again if I find myself driving by and hungry.

Cuban Sandwich from Senor Pan

Senor Pan
4612 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60639-1816
(773) 227-1020

Senor Pan on Urbanspoon

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bill's Pizza Pub

-The other Chicago-style pizza: Tavern Style

It was last summer that I visited Bill's Pizza Pub in Mundelein. In an area (Chicagoland) rich with tavern pizza joints, most of which are from the 50's, I was excited to experience Bill's and taste what many longtime fans call the best pizza in Chicagoland. Its the perfect place for both a family night out and a guy's (and girls too!) night out and its been this way since 1957.

a locals favorite in Mundelein, IL

Bill's doubles as a family restaurant and tavern with its Northwoods feel inside the large building it sits in. They have plenty of room and a gaming section for the kids and a long bar with all the sports action on the TV's for adults. The beer is ice cold and served in frosted mugs and peanuts are a part of the place. You see they have baskets of them at every table, all along the bar and in the video game rooms too. You just grab some, eat them and throw the shells wherever the hell you want. It's always been like that. I love places like Bill's that don't let traditions like these die and why don't more bars serve peanuts? I love them when watching the game and the more of them I eat, the more beers follow.

Tradition carries on at Bill's

I visited here with my guy who like myself grew up on tavern style Chicago thin crust and we loved everything about the place upon entering and I myself had a good feeling before we even took a seat. I felt like I was up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and I guess that to some people of Chicago, Mundelein might as well be. Bill's was started by Bill and his wife as teenagers in '57. The original location was a one time garage. It's still all in the family and they use use the same recipe from when they started. So we grabbed a booth and took a look at the menu while chomping away on some peanuts. I took a little video shot of the inside area at Bill's which can be seen below. Really cool interior at this place.

View from a booth at Bill's

Video view inside Bill's Pizza Pub

The menu's main draw is obviously the pizza but they also have appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, soups and salads. We knew what we were there for and didn't waste anytime ordering some beers from the tap and a large thin crust sausage pizza. Within a minute or so she was back with our frosted and filled mugs and shortly thereafter our pie arrived.

Large thin crust sausage from Bill's Pizza Pub

It was the sign of good things to come when the waitress put our pizza down on the table and the strong aroma of a freshly baked pie filled the booth. As always I let it cool down so I didn't burn the roof of my mouth and after a couple minutes I shook on my red pepper flakes and oregano. I was really impressed with this pizza and had no problem eating my entire half in my sitting. I thought that its biggest strength was the oregano seasoning that came on it baked into the pie as seen in the pic above.

a piece of tavern style thin from Bill's

The sausage was very nice just like it is at all tavern pizza places and the cheese was a little more abundant than most spots I've been too. It was nice that they didn't skimp on the well seasoned sauce either which would of let the cheese totally takeover. The crust was crunchy and it passed the crispiness test with a center piece staying straight when held up in the air. Bill's serves what I consider to be an excellent tavern style pizza pie. I haven't been back since my initial visit because I have not found myself in the area but I now realize I don't need a reason and its worth the drive. I will get back here soon and encourage anyone who hasn't been to do the same. For all of y'all that have been going here forever-you know whats up-if I may say.

Bill's pizza is good stuff indeed

Luckily for all the neighbors and those close to Bill's they also have a pickup garage where you can call in for pizza and or get hot dogs and other Chicago fast food stand items. I'm not sure if this is where the original Bill's stood but they have the old neon sign that must of lit up the street back in the 50's that still lights up today in front of the place. They also have a location (Bill's North) in Third Lake.

Old neon sign at the to-go garage

Rating Scale 5/5

crust: 4
sauce: 5
toppings: 4
Crispness: 4

Score: 17/20

Bill's Pizza Pub
624 S Lake St
Mundelein, IL 60060
(847) 566-5380

Bill's Pizza & Pub on Urbanspoon

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sun Wah BBQ

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat.

It's time for one of them epic posts, you know the ones that after reading your starving thinking about how good I eat this city and it's top food stops up, wouldn't you agree? Let's get at it. If you saw the Chicago episode of the recently new show on Food network called Meat & Potatoes then you saw today's place which is one of my favorite stops in the city. In fact I was at Sun Wah BBQ the day they were filming the segment on it for food network. Except this wasn't my first time like it was the hosts and his crew, this was an uncountable visit. Those of us that have been going to Sun Wah for a while now remember when it was back in its little spot around the corner on Argyle right off the train line. With its booming success and popularity they have since moved into a bigger building around the corner on Broadway. They now have more room for both the kitchen/butcher area as well as people dining.

a city wide favorite along Broadway in Uptown

Sun Wah is one of the best family owned and run restaurants in the city with the entire fam being involved in one way or another and always making sure service is smooth, the food is good and your dining experience enjoyable. It's impossible to pass by when you get a view of the Chinese bbq from outside, it attracts me in every time.

Chinese bbq in the window

It was possible to keep on pushing this post back since there are so many good options to eat at Sun Wah. The menu has 200+ Cantonese and Hong Kong style dishes and noodles and wontons are made in house. I could go there ten more times and keep getting different items off their menu and always be satisfied. I do have a few things that I order on different occasions or if I feel like feastin', then all in one order. Two things that remain a constant in every visit I make to Sun Wah are the hot pepper soy sauce (ask for it at the table or when picking up an order to go) Its just soy sauce infused with sliced super hot peppers and is not for the faint of spice. The stuff is legitimately spicy and will have you sweating if you use too much. I love a little mixed in with almost anything I'm eating from there.

pepper infused soy sauce

The other constant is an order of bbq pork fried rice. As you'll see as you read on the bbq pork at Sun Wah is stellar and they always do up a perfect batch of fried rice. I would recommend getting to Sun Wah with a group so you can try a few different things off the menu. However if you go solo they have stuff for you too at a really great price. Even if I'm solo and picking up just for myself I get a fried rice to have in the fridge for the next day. Some of the best fried rice in the city. I know it doesn't take much to make a good fried rice but so many places screw it up, not Sun Wah.

Sun Wah's bbq pork fried rice

Then there's the beef chow fun. While this dish might not the most adventurous eat on the menu, it's without a doubt one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for a good beef chow fun and Sun Wah's is the best in Chicago. In order for a chow fun to be superb it need a few things and Sun Wah achieves all three with theirs. The noodles are cooked up perfectly in an extra hot wok and the veggies are always fresh. So check and check. Lastly is the beef, so many places have awful beef in their beef dishes and in alot of cases you might wonder if it even is that. At Sun Wah they got it figured out and the beef is always tender with little fat and never chewy. I give them a ton of credit for this because at too many places it isn't like this at all. I eat it up every time.

Beef chow fun

Even though I did say that Sun Wah is great for a group, its just as good for a solo diner. They have the best lunch plates in the city and this is for both price and taste. They take their famous Chinese bbq which has options like roast duck, bbq pork, roast pork, soy sauce chicken, and ribs and you choose your choice and then a huge pile of meat goes atop a heaping mound of white rice and it comes with Chinese broccoli and half of a hard boiled egg. These individual lunch plates could feed two in some cases and cost less than $6. They will also let you do a combo if your having trouble choosing your meats. I'm a big fan of the soy sauce chicken. They are marinated boneless chicken thighs that are sliced up after cooking and can be highly addicting.

Soy sauce chicken individual lunch plate

The house bbq is the biggest draw for people into Sun Wah. Some of the items not pictured on here that I love include the salt baked chicken, bbq duck and bbq spare ribs with honey. But the main draw for me is the house pork. Sun Wah is thee Chinese place for all things pig and their Hong Kong style roast pork is from the high heavens. It doesn't matter which way you order it, by the pound, in a lunch plate or in your soup, it will all be good and a big part of that is the pig. I can assure you we will be taking a 2nd look at Sun Wah here on this site in the future. Stay tuned.

BBQ Pork from Sun Wah

Sun Wah BBQ
5039 N Broadway
Chicago, Illinois 60640
(773) 769-1254

Sun Wah Bar-B-Q Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Friday, October 15, 2010


-Got beef?
The Burgers of Chi

If your daily commute includes a ride down Ashland in between North ave and Fullerton then you've seen and maybe even been to today's place-Choppers. I remember years ago when this place first opened. It now seems to have become a part of the area which has alot of traffic going up and down Ashland. Chicago has long been considered a real blue collar type town so with that we have many eating spots that cater to these city workers and handy men that keep our city running. If you've ever been to Chopper's you've seen the city workers out in full force enjoying a lunch that's for sure to fill them up at a very reasonable price. Almost every time I've ever been here or driven by there's a city owned vehicle or three.

a favorite stop of the City workers along Ashland ave

As you can read in the pic above Chopper's is "Home of the Choppak" which is what most of the city folk stopping in for lunch or dinner are going with and my usual choice on my yearly visit. It consists of a double cheeseburger with your choice of toppings on a sesame seed bun served with steak fries and a large cup of cole slaw. It'll set you back a whopping $4.29 and there's little chance it'll leave you hungry once your finished with it. If you think it's not enough they also have triple's and for those brave enough the Quad. The place isn't far from my house and a nice option to have when I feel like something massive and greasy that's not a long drive and not too much moolah. I don't know how the city workers go back to work (not saying they do...) after eating an entire Choppak. The only thing I've ever done after eating at Choppers was watch TV for a couple hours straight.

Double Cheeseburger from Choppers

I don't think this isn't going to be the best burger you've ever had, but hey I don't know where you've been and its not a bad burger by any means. It is what it is and what it is is a very satisfying meal when you include price and taste. With a drink it's gotta be cheaper or close to the same cost as a McDonald's or Burger King value meal and it kicks the shit out of either or. I haven't been in months but writing this article here now has me thinking about heading over sometime soon to get my fix. If this is an option for you and you like what I described it as then check out Choppers. Its cheap and satisfying fill you up fast food. They do alot more than burgers and the menu is pretty damn extensive. There was one other time I ordered an all beef steak hoagie off their "specialties" section on the menu and it wasn't bad, again for what it was.

-The Sammy's of Chi

Choppers beef steak hoagie with their steak fries in background

Another blue collar sandwich if I've ever had one. They take a piece of ground beef that's formed into a rectangle like patty and then grill it up the same way they do the burgers except this comes on a hoagie roll. You still have the same options in toppings and one of these with fries and slaw will set you back only $4.75. So you can see why this spot is a real favorite amongst the blue collar employees of Chicago. I liked my hamburger hoagie but think I prefer the double cheese, however both are great grease eats for that killer hangover. I'm sure some people wouldn't even step foot in a spot like this but that's what I'm here for. I cover the entire Chicagoland area and where the locals eat, not just whats new and whats hot in a three/four neighborhood area (albeit this spot is in Bucktown, but not the trendy part). I've done it all and will continue to share. Thanks for reading. See ya next time on S'C'&C with the King.

Half of a hamburger hoagie

1659 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622-1420
(773) 227-7800


Choppers on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taco El Jaliciense

-Got Beef? taco's de carne asada

Today's stop on the steak taco tour takes us down Chicago ave over to where it meets with Grand in Humboldt Park. I cant pinpoint exactly how long this place has been at the corner over there but I do know I used to work with my grandpa over summer in a lot my dad and uncle own right down the block. I went to the former Mexican taqueria before this place opened a few times and it was never that great. I always ate at Boston's Beef anyways which is across the street. At some point though this place opened up, not recently or anything, its been there for a while but I just got around to trying it this past summer and realized I had made a mistake immediately after my first bite.

At Chicago ave. and Grand in Humboldt Park

This place always had the look of a classic taqueria as you can see so from the photo above and I really should have stopped in sooner so I could realize that its also got the tastes of one. I went in around late lunch hours one day and was pleasantly surprised by the fresh roasting al pastor spit, however the meat was just put on it so it wouldn't be ready on my visit. I decided to go with the steak tacos which a friend rec'd to me. When I asked if they were real deal tacos de carne asada he replied "you think I'd be waiting there if they weren't" since he is a proud Mexican it made sense that they would be and that they were. The skirt steak was being grilled as I waited and chopped up and thrown into a tortilla and topped with standard toppings that belong on a carne asada taco. The steak was as good as I've had on a taco in a while, very juicy and full of steak flavor. Toppings were fresh and with Chicago's abundance of fresh tortillas as always those were good too. All in all one of the best stops for steak tacos in the city. Especially when they're on their game. The salsa was good, not the best but everything else stood out.

Steak taco from Taco El Jaliciense

Rating Scale 5/5

steak: 5
cilantro/onions: 5
tortilla: 4
salsa: 3

Score: 17/20

Taco El Jaliciense
2859 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622-4408
(773) 235-2859

Taco El Jaliciense on Urbanspoon

Monday, October 11, 2010

Scudiero's Italian Bakery & Deli

-The Sammy's of Chi (land)

Over here at S'C'&C we like to give the much deserved praise to the family run joints that have consistently put out a good product. Today we head out to Melrose Park to a spot that's been around since the 50's. It all started in the 1930's in Serino, Italy when a third generation Italian baker was handed down the family bakery from his dad who got it from his dad. After the war he decided to move the family to America and in 1954 he opened his small Italian bakery in Melrose Park on Lake St. It was called Melrose Park Italian Bakery and they offered many specialty Italian products but it was his old world recipe from Italy for Italian bread that gave the place its place in Chicagoland restaurant history.

Melrose Park Italian Bakery aka Scudieros's via the 50's (Pic from Website)

Umbaldo Datoli passed away in 1969 and the bakery was taken over by his daughter. It was then in 1976 that her husband Joe would quit his job and help out with expanding the business. By 1978 they changed the name to Scudiero's Italian Bakery and Deli. The fresh baked Italian treats like an array of cookies as well as cannoli's are loved by everyone in the neighborhood from youngin's to old timers. Joe was a diehard baker and as the years went on Scudiero's continued to be a neighborhood favorite. So much so that they even stayed opened on Sundays so that people going to tailgate and having parties at their places for the Bears games would have his bread, subs and pizza for the game.

Scudiero's on Lake St. as it still stands today

The bakery went from just that to a hangout where people spent the day munching away and chatting up whatever was on their minds. The place was loved by everyone and the spot you went to if you wanted to run into an old neighborhood friend you haven't seen in years and was visited by 1000's and 1000's of people including the late great Frank Sinatra. They posted pictures covering the walls of customers and celebs holding a Scudiero's fresh baked bread bag of which they just bought. In 1998 the place went under a total remodeling and it is what it is today. It was a sad day when Joe passed away in 2007 but the place stayed all in the family and is run by two of Joe's six sons who happen to be twins. Anthony and Aldo, who is a fifth generation baker still use the same recipes that have been in the fam for over 150 years.

Pizza, Subs,'s all good

Sicilian style pizza is available as well as round individual pies

as well as salads, dried sausage and cheeses

I like it all at over there but what really keeps me coming back when in the 'hood is the Italian sub. As you might expect the bread on the subs at Scudiero's is excellent and always has the perfect texture and when paired with good quality meats, some addictive oils and seasonings as well as always being made to order it becomes an excellent sandwich.

Scudiero's Italian sub

I find myself in Melrose park a few times a month and I love stopping in here. You'll always see some old neighborhood guys chatting it up at a table with come coffee and cookies and the folks behind the counter are great people who will remember you when you come back. The prices are very fair and the quality always good. Its a great neighborhood joint that we should hope we never lose. It's the places like these that you just don't see too much of anymore. So here's a toast to Scudy's living on forever and staying all in the family in doing so. Cheers.

Get in my mouth!

Scudiero Italian Bakery
2113 W Lake St
Melrose Park, IL 60160-3618
(708) 343-2976

Friday, October 8, 2010


-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

It's that time of the year where we pay a little homage to da superfans. In doing so we take a trip to one of da fans favorite stands in all of Chicagoland. Wolfy's has been in Chicago over on Peterson ave. for over 40 years and has been keeping da superfans and all of Chicagoland satisfied since 1961. Its a Vienna Beef Hall of Famer and has always been known as the stand that you could eat a fry off the floor the place is so clean and the one that can please an army with its long list of Chicago fast food favorites like natural casing Chicago style hot dogs, Polish sausage, burgers, gyros, pizza puffs, grilled chicken and the list goes on and on. It also has one of the best neon signs in the city which you cant miss when driving by.

a Chicago fan favorite

I almost always stop when I'm passing by and I see the neon glowing in the night. Its impossible to pass on a small treat to munch on when your passing by and I rarely do. Although I'd like to be able to further explore the menu I just cant get along to doing it. When I go to Wolfy's its always a hot dog or Polish and more so than not its both. While the old school minimalist style is my Chicago dog of choice that doesn't mean I don't love me a good (other) Chicago style dog. I would easily put Wolfy's among the best in the city when it comes to their Chicago style dogs. The natural casing Vienna beef wiener is so full of flavor is doesn't get lost in the proper garden of toppings and is served on a (always) perfectly steamed poppy seed bun.

Wolfy's Chicago style hot dog

I love the dogs but when it comes to Polish sausage Wolfy's is one of the lands very, very best and always a first team all city when it comes to the sausage. Sometimes you want a Polish and just feel like a Wolfy's. They take the sausage out the fridge and its dropped into the deep fryer for a few seconds and then thrown on the grill to char it up and add some more flavor right next to the sizzling onions that are going on top. With the onions goes mustard, pickles and tomatoes and its popped into a poppy seed bun.

Wolfy's Polish sausage

Yeah, yeah I know the pickle and especially the tomato toppings are not traditional but we superfans like to take those off and eat them as a palate cleanser after the sausage is consumed. The combination of deep frying and grilling a best in the business Vienna beef Polish sausage along with the perfect product consistency time after time is what makes Wolfy's as legit a Chicago hot dog stand as we have and one da superfans will always love.

One of the cities very best

2734 w. Peterson ave
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 743-0207

Wolfy's on Urbanspoon


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