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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Great Steak Sauce Taste Off

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

I recently mc'd a gathering for 6 (+me) of my food buddies and we had a steak sauce taste off. It was a great event and a helluva way to start off summer the grilling season. We would be trying six different steak sauces including the most well known of the bunch, A1. I had brought a few and another friend of mine who said he had a few different kinds in his pantry brought the others. We had a friend who was judging the contests wife pour the bottles into plastic cups and label them 1-6 and since she wasn't all that into it, she would be the only one who knew what the numbers of each sauce was. Scoring was quite simple with 6 points being awarded to a judges favorite all the way down to just one point for their least favorite. Of course we would be using grilled steaks as the meat of choice for tasting the sauces with. Here is how it went down. Read on to see how you can have a chance to get a free bottle of the winning sauce.

2010 Great Steak Sauce Taste Off Contestants


Final Score: 17 points for 5th place
Highest Score: 4 by one person
Lowest Score: 1 by one person
Weird Ingredient: raisin paste

Notes: Well this was interesting considering that A1 is the most widely known brand at least in the United States. Well it didn't fare too well in this blind tasting contest and was voted in the bottom half by six of the seven judges. I would believe the steak sauce is one of the Kraft food companies big earners and I actually don't mind it but it didn't stack up with the rest, it got a two from me.


Final Score: 23 points for 4th place (lost tiebreaker)
Highest Score: 5 by one person
Lowest Score: 1 by one person
Weird Ingredient: raisin paste, OJ concentrate, oil of grapefruit

Notes: This is a steak sauce made by Bridge Foods who is based out of New Orleans. I brought this one with me and score it a four and quite enjoyed it to the point where I wanted to give it maybe even a five but when I had a taste off with my five score it just lost out.

Louisiana Supreme

Final Score: 23 points for 3rd place (won tiebreaker)
Highest Score: 6 by one person
Lowest Score: 1 by one person
Weird Ingredient: raisins, crushed oranges

Notes: The second of the Louisiana natives steak sauces just so happened to score the same points as the other contestant. Louisiana Supreme won the tiebreaker with having a score of six (Ashanti scored a high of five) from one of the judges but it also had a one just like Ashanti sauce did. I gave it a score of three so I actually slightly preferred the Ashanti sauce but never the less I also liked this. The contestants in the 1st ever Sauce Off were pretty strong in my opinion.

Original Australian

Final Score: 12 points for 6th place
Highest Score: 3 by two people
Lowest Score: 1 by four people
Weird Ingredient: raisin paste, anchovy

Notes: The sauces full name goes by Original Australian Awesome Steak Sauce but nobody thought of it like they think of themselves. The main reason being how much thinner it was than all the others. It was almost like a marinade and not a sauce. It was my lowest rated mostly to do with this. I kept thinking maybe it would be better served by marinating some cubes of beef for Australian steak kabobs or something to that effect.

London Pub Jamaican Style Spicy

Final Score: 35 points for 2nd place
Highest Score: 6 by two people
Lowest Score: 4 by one person
Weird Ingredient: Tamarind concentrate

Notes: This sauce comes from the London Pub line of condiments which is a line of many English condiments including their original style steak sauce and this spicy Jamaican version that scored very well. I am a regular consumer of this brand when I see them in the grocery store and had brought this bottle with me along with the two Louisiana sauces. I love this stuff, specifically the Jamaican style due to the extra heat and fact it goes so well with everything. I use it in my Sheppard's pie, meatloafs, steaks, tater tots, you name it. I was surprised when I scored it a five and it had me wondering what I scored the six. Its still one of if not my favorite steak sauces.

YR Sauce

Final Score: 37 points for 1st place
Highest Score: 6 by three people
Lowest Score: 4 by one person
Weird Ingredient: Apples, Dates

Notes: It was a close call but the fifth generation YR Irish Sauce beat out the English sauce for 1st place in the 1st ever Great Steak Sauce Taste Off. In fact I even gave it a six over my favorite that I had brought which I gave a five. I really liked the stuff because as opposed to the last place finisher it was thick and hearty as it describes itself. I will stock up when I get my chance. If your in the Chicagoland area and you know where to get this let us know. Read on.

The 2010 Great Steak Sauce Taste Off Winner (win this bottle)

Oddly enough my rankings pretty much equaled the final results with just a switch here and there. So when I asked my friend where he got the bottle he told me Strack & Van Til over on Clybourn, a spot I like b/c they carry regional products and have a selection unlike the two main grocery stores in town. But then when I went over there to get some they didn't have any and I went to the people at the company and they told me they didn't think there were any spots for it in Chicago but that they would send me a few bottles, after I told them why I was looking. Well I'm pretty sure you can because I've seen the stuff since at a couple Irish Pubs and know its around since my friend got it at S&VT. But I can make it easy for you. Read on below.

One of the steaks used in the taste off with some twice baked mashed

To get a bottle of the 2010 "Steak Sauce Taste Off" just join my facebook group or click follow on this very site near the top right (those already in the group or following are automatically entered) and you will be automatically entered into the contest where two random winners will be chosen from a random computer drawing on June the 25th, 2010. Good grillings to all and thanks again for reading. Plenty more to come this summer. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Greensbury Market: Steak Dinner

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

What's up to all my loyal readers?!?!?! I have been livin' it up in Puerto Rico and just getting back to city life here and decided it was time for some grilling goodies with Memorial day weekend here. I'm excited that this post has finally come around because its been a long time coming. What seems like almost a year ago I was sent a package of beef from a wonderful place called Greensbury Market that is dedicated to serving online some of the best tasting most organic meats in the country. It was started by a team of four dudes who's ways go like this "We believe in supporting sustainable agriculture, family farms, and organic practices that produce healthy, environmentally friendly food. We’ve traveled all over the country to find meats that are not only organic, but also tender, juicy, and delicious. We’ve visited dozens of farms and built relationships with farmers who do things the old fashioned way - meaning they take care of the land and humanely raise animals without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or synthetic pesticides." So they sent me a couple ribeyes, 2 skirts steaks and 2 chopped steak patties and wanted me to tell them what I thought.

Greensbury Market sent me one of each and I'll be ordering more...

Last night I finally got to try the beautifully marbled steaks which I had been waiting to do for what seems like ever. I'm actually skeptic when it comes to frozen meat but the people at Greensbury are pros who have been in this game for a while. The meats are cryovac'ed at their peak flavor point and have no freezer burn or anything wrong with them once thawed, in fact they were beautiful looking like they had just been cut by a butcher, which they were right before they were packaged for grilling enthusiasts like me and you. I was nice enough to share my gift from Greensbury with the fam so I went to work on both patties, both skirts and both ribeyes last night and this is what I came up with.

Ribeyes flaming away

Simple Skirt Steak w/ Pickled Onions
Recipe from: The New Steak

2 Greensbury Market skirt steaks
2 tbsp red pepper flakes
salt & pepper
olive oil to rub steaks with

Pickled Onions

1 lg red onion (thinly sliced as a whole)
1/3 cup water
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
1 tbsp raw sugar
1 tbsp whole coriander
2 tbsp olive oil

1) sprinkle red pepper onto the steaks and then salt them and set aside. Rub with olive oil before grilling.

2) Peel and then slice the red onion as thinly as possible and place the onion rings in a bowl. Prepare a small pot by combing the water, red wine vinegar and sugar in a pot and bring to a boil over medium heat. When boiling pour the liquid over the raw onions and top with crushed whole coriander seeds and olive oil and let come to a cool.

3) Make sure your grill is nice and hot for your steaks and put the lubed steaks on the hottest part of your grill and sear for 3-5 minutes a side, and then move to a cooler part and cook to desired doneness. Use the finger poke method to test for doneness.

4) When steaks are ready to come off let them sit and cool down for five mins. and then slice against the grain and top with pickled onions and some juice from them.

So simple and so yummy when using Greensbury's full of flavor beef

chibbqking Island Burgers: Two Ways

Cuban Pressed Chopped Beeefsteak Burger

1 Greensbury Market Chopped Beef Patty
4 slices of sauteed ham
2 slices swiss cheese
half of a deli pickle, sliced in thin coins
fresh baked Kaiser bun, spread with chopped garlic and butter

1) Start by buttering a pan and sauteing up your ham until its got some nice color and then set aside. Lube your bun with chopped garlic and butter and bring that and a seasoned Greensbury pattys outside to the grill and throw the burger on a ell lubed spot on the grill and begin cooking to desired doneness.

2) When burger is almost done, place the bun on the grill and cook until it gets some toasted color. Take the bun and patty off and bring inside to prepare for topping.

3) Place the slices of ham on the top bun followed by the pickles and proceed to put the slices of swiss on the bottom. Add the patty to the bottom part and spread the mustard and mayo on it and then put it all together as one.

Your burger should like this before the finished patty goes on

4) Lube up a hot frying pan with butter and have another heavy pan that you can use to press your burger down and cook it on both sides until the bread is nice and colored and crispy.

chibbqking Cuban Pressed Burger

5) Once ready take it off and slice in half or in four to serve as app's like I did for my Greensbury Market grilled beef feast.

These were awesome...

chibbqking Sweet & Spicy Jamaican Burgers Mon

1 Greensbury Market Chopped Beef Patty
2 slices of pineapple rings
2 slices pepper jack cheese
dried Jerk seasoning
Jamaican Jerk Sauce
fresh baked Kaiser bun, spread with chopped garlic and butter

1) Rub your patty with the dried jerk seasoning and do the same to your burger bun.Make sure grill is hot and bring both the patty, bun and pineapple rings outside and put the patty on first followed by the rings and then bun all timed so they come off when your burger is cooked to desired doneness.

2) Right before the burger comes off take some jerk sauce (not the paste) and spread it over your burger and apply the cheese on top followed by the pineapple rings and then place the top part of the bun and let the cheese melt.

Almost ready to come off

3) Scoop up your patty and build your burger accordingly by adding more sauce or whatever else floats your boat. I liked mine just the way seen below.

chibbqking Sweet & Spicy Jamaican Jerk Burger

Chipotle Rubbed Ribeye
Recipe from: The New Steak

2 Greensbury Market Ribeyes
olive oil for rubbing
salt & pepper

Chipotle Rub

1 tsp cumin
1 tsp red chipotle powder
1 tbsp of olive oil

Lime and Cilantro Butter

4 tbsp butter
1 shallot minced
1/2 lime juiced
1/2 cup well chopped cilantro

The final result

1) To make the Chipotle rub combine the ingredients listed and mix well and continue to spread the steaks with the rub.

2) To make butter, melt it in a saute pan over low heat and then add the shallot. Cook about 3 mins. and then add the lime juice and cilantro and stir and set aside.

3) Make sure your grill is nice and hot for your steaks and put the lubed steaks on the hottest part of your grill and sear for 3-5 minutes a side on the hottest part and then move to a cooler part and cook to desired doneness. It all depends on their thickness and the heat of your grill. Use the finger poke method to test for doneness.

4) Take off steaks when ready and let sit for about five minutes. Spread with the lime cilantro butter and slice them if you want. Continue to eat and enjoy like I did.

Not a bad way to kick off whats always the start of summer in Chi (Memorial Day wkd) and I want to give a big ups to the people at Greensbury Market. They do a wonderful job with trying to do it the right way and they succeed greatly at doing so. I would highly encourage anyone who has big plans of lots og grilling all summer long to check out their online market and see everything they have to offer. Including some of the most lean, full of flavor and great textured beef I have had in a minute. Happy Grilling to all.

My Greensbury Market Steak Dinner Plate

Greensbury Market Organic Meats


Saturday, September 6, 2008

What sucks worse...Jewel or Dominicks?

Got ya! trick question, they both SUCK.

I stopped shopping at both these places a long time ago. When I go in to their shit stores, I feel like their mocking me with their quality selection and prices. In fact I have my own vendetta against these behemoth wastes of space that its one of my goal's in life to push them out so they never return. Anybody that thinks these places are legitimate grocery stores has never been to a Woodman's or Wegman's. I expect to see supermarkets with the selection of jewel's in the middle of some small shit town in Indiana...not Chicago.

I had found Woodman's during my day's in Madison and after my first visit I knew exactly what a SUPER market should be like.

Now I know that in Chicago we are blessed with all of are locally owned different ethnic grocery spots but some days I just feel cursed that we also have Dominick's and da jewel's as our main suppliers. Why do they think I should believe there is only one brand product of every item and the price is a "savings"...its not a savings even with the preferred card. All I will say about the meat is that its overpriced and belongs in a school cafeteria.

Rant coming...Im at Woodman's and I get 4 lb's of fresh made Usinger's brats for $6.99. At jewels they have inferior product for double that.

I get the same Vienna sports peppers I get at the Vienna outlet but they are $2.29 at Woodman's and $3.99 at the outlet and $4.49 at Jewel.

Jewel has a small case of bad cheese selection, Woodman's has its own aisle for cheese spreads!

Jewel has French's and maybe one other selection of mustard, Woodman's has more selection of mustard than you thought existed. Same for pizza...ever seen the frozen pizza selection at Woodman's? With the never ending aisle and bright lights, for just s second there I thought I was Brian Stal and died and went to heaven.

Jewel has these self checkout machines that drive you crazy...Woodman's has charge free ATMs.

Jewel has all the "local" regional family owned brands like Uno's pizza and Vienna dog's (WOW!)...Woodman's has pasties from Stella's in the UP, Kringle's from all sorts of places in Racine.

Hey c'mon your being unfair, Dominick's has Tom-Tom tamale's BUT so does Woodman's. In fact Woodman's has a better giardinara selection than all the jewels and Dominick's outlets combined. Better prices too.

Jewel has coca-cola, pepsi, sprite, mountain dew, mostly all can's...Woodman's has all sorts of regional bottled pop including 4 packs of Sioux city root beer for $1.99.

Woodman's has green river...Dominick's and jewel dont even carry green river and its made in Chicago...Woodman's has great micro brews available at ridiculous prices...Jewel has 312 and Old Style.

To be long as Jewels and Dominick's dominate the area.

7145 120th Ave
Kenosha, WI 53142 (locations thru-out WI and IL)
(262) 857-3801


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