Tuesday, November 12, 2019

5 New Taco Spots

- On the road with the 'Chicago Taco Tour'

In case anyone was wondering I'm still taking rides on the Chicago Taco Trail. The site might be no more but my love for tacos is forever. If you follow my instagram @chibbqking you know I'm still knocking off Chicagoland taco shops one by one. I'll never be fully done as new spots are always opening and pushing the number of spots yet to try higher by the day. But every now and then I'll spy a new spot that warrants an immediate stop or a trip to the top of the hit list. Here's five of late.

Del Pueblo Restaurant (Cicero)

We'll start with my favorite spot of the bunch. A local family with roots in Monterrey decided to become the pioneers of Tacos Bañados in Chicago. “Bathed tacos” are popular in Northern Mexico states such as Durango and Nuevo León. They make them here by filling steamed tortillas with house special barbacoa de res and then pouring a warm red chile sauce on top. Like enchiladas so to say. Tacos Mañaneros and Tacos al Vapor also available. As are all the Northern Mexico favorites such as gorditas and guisado filled burritos. Then there’s the frijoles charros made and served with chunks of beef shank with marrow still in the middle. One of a few of the new regional stops to hit the trail.

Northern Mexican Delights at Del Pueblo Restaurant

Carmelo's Taco Place

This summer I spotted a new taco shop in Gage Park with a trompo in the logo. You know the drill - stop in and try the tacos al pastor. They passed the first test with a nice spit of pork up and running. The second test not so much as the meat went from a holding tray to the flattop. Still credit to the taquero for crisping it up real nicely. Pork was well seasoned too so a pretty good taco nonetheless.

Taco al Pastor at Carmelo's Taco Place

Barbaro Taqueria

Barbaro is a modern taqueria that opened late summer in Humboldt Park. I was attracted by the menu which isn’t the same old same old. Options like suadero, longaniza, and lengua caught my eye. I tried the namesake 'Barbaro Taco' with carne asada, nopalitos salad, queso fresca. The lengua with traditional toppings. Plus a Campechano mixing suadero / longaniza. All served on soft / sturdy corn tortillas made in house. Also a Volcan de Longaniza bc I love mounds of meat, beans, cheese.

Tacos at Barbaro Taqueria

Rio Tacos

Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot better for North Park students. Rio Tacos is on Foster just west of Kedzie. The menu offers typical taqueria favorites including a diverse selection of tacos. Pictured below is the Chorizo with Sweet Potato (yes), Suadero (yes), and spit roasted Al Pastor (ok). Just $5 for three tacos (on Tuesdays) with gratis chips and beans - not including tip. Always tip your taquero!

Taco Tuesday at Rio Tacos

Mr. Mesquite (Elk Grove Village)

I wasn’t expecting to find a Phoenix area taqueria import out in Elk Grove Village but that’s where the first out of state location of Mr. Mesquite resides. They have a Chipotle type menu setup but the comparisons end there. Meats are grilled over Mesquite coals and served on translucent flour tortillas with AvoSalsa and Cheese. Build them up further with a variety of housemamde salsas and toppings at the loaded salsa bar. Steak and chicken were both pretty good with nice hints of Mesquite char.

Mesquite Grilled Tacos at Mr. Mesquite 

See ya next time @chibbqking

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