Monday, December 27, 2021

The Best of 2021

- Memorable food from the past calendar year

Well that was a fast one. This year felt more like an extension of 2020 than a new one but according to the calendar we're about to reach 2022 and who knows what's to come with it as far as food and travel. But with it we must release this annual treat. The best of the year here on S'C'&C. I do this one up a bit differently each year and this years list is going to consist of the best bites which account for individual dishes featured on the site this year. Then I also decided to share my ten favorite meals from those that were posted here on the site. None of the dishes in the ‘best meals’ will appear on the ‘best bites’ bc it's likely the menu has changed by now at those restaurants. Whereas the best bites are items ordered off of restaurants everyday menus. You can click each listing to take you to it's original post. Happy New Year! Season15 begins in Feb. but maybe a special post before then. 

The 33 Best Bites of 2021


10 Best Meals of 2021 
(in no particular order)

The Grocery (Charleston, SC)

Ukiah (Asheville, NC)

The Grey (Savannah, GA)

Common Thread (Savannah, GA)

Andros Taverna (Chicago, IL)

Dear Margaret (Chicago, IL)

Hexenbelle (Traverse City, MI)

Wren (Suttons Bay, MI)

Feast & Floret (Hudson, NY)

Oberlin (Providence, RI)

See ya next year @chibbqking 


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