Friday, July 18, 2014

Meatheads Meat Market

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We stay on the road this weekend as we head towards the area just outside the Quad Cities for some meat. I was stopped in here one day while exploring the area with the Grubseeker as he had been in a few times for some of their product. 

Milan, IL
Grubseeker: "Hit the QC (Quad Cities) two weekends in a row - a couple repeat spots that will find their way into the regular rotation. Meatheads Meat Market in Milan, IL. has made for a really good early stop on the past 2 visits to stock up on some meat as well as take advantage of their daily cookouts from 10:30 - 2. Pork chops, chicken sandwiches, burgers, etc. As well as some of their housemade brats. From their meatcase I have purchased basics like some nice ground chuck, I have also gotten Iowa cut pork chops, brats and snack sticks.. Back to the brats.. their original recipe is a good one. Their "Hawaiian" snack sticks disappeared soon after I bought them."
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Cool Place

Though they've only been around since 2004, this is an old fashioned meat market. The owner, a longtime meat vendor, opened the spot as a "quality fresh meat alternative to the chemically enhanced, factory cut, pre-wrapped, and gassed meats that most local supermarkets and superstores sell. Customers enjoy more than 50 homemade smoked meats and more than 30 varieties of fresh homemade bratwurst." on top of all that there was also all sorts of regional sauces, spices and seasonings available as the food truck out in the lot where they hold their daily cookouts as Grubseeker mentioned. I think we both agreed we enjoyed the original house brat more than the chop though both hit the spot.

Parking Lot Cookouts - Tuesday through Saturday (10:30a - 2p)

Pork Chop Sandwich

House Recipe Bratwurst

Meatheads Meat Market
520 10th Ave W
Milan, IL 61264
(309) 787-2466

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