Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hero's Submarine Sandwich Shop

-The Sammy's of Chi

Today's stop comes from the depths of my food folder. Hero's Sub Shop has been a fixture at the Northwest corner of Addison and Western since before I can remember. Actually some googling around doesn't reveal much about the place though all you need to do is ask past graduates of Lane Tech High School about it and they'll have a story to tell. Unfortunately my story is too old to remember as the trip I took here was at least 4/5 years ago.

Longtime Lakeview High School Student Favorite

Sometimes change can be a good thing but in the case of Hero's, they don't need it. This place caters to a high school crowd so don't go in expecting to find bread supplied from Floriole Bakery or meats and cheese coming in from PQM. I believe it's Hormel based product and that almost prevented me from trying these subs below but I had a couple mouths to feed and they were younger than high school aged so it was what it was.

Roast Beef and Cheese

I couldn't help but notice the shininess of the roast beef and it threw me off as far as hunger goes. I think the tykes liked it very much though. I found the Italian sub to be a little bit better but the water based meat products can only be so good. If there's a compliment that can be given its the same one I always give to the places that don't switch a thing. It has charm and it's probably even better than Subway. If it makes a hungry high school kids day that's fine by me. Enjoy your sandwich kids.

Italian Sub

Hero's Submarine Sandwich Shop
3600 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 327-6363

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Did you mean to metion Lane Tech instead of Lakeview High school?


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