Friday, September 26, 2008

Yo Adrian!!! bring me another one of dem sliders!

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

Some of us BBQ and grill 24/7-365--rain, sleet, snow, wind, shine, heatwave, thunderstorms, whatever. For others spring is the start of the BBQ season and summer is when it becomes a staple and once summer is over grilling season is over. I BBQ all the time and I am here to tell you that Fall is the primetime of Grilling season, its like March Madness or Monday night football, there isnt a better stage to be on. The weather is perfect, jeans and a hoodie, you dont sweat like Patrick Ewing while standing over the grill like you do in summer. Instead the grill area is a prime piece of real estate, its warm and the smells of meats grilling paired with a nice Octoberfest brew and a crisp feel in the air is all I need. What makes it even better is the fact that its football season and MLB playoffs are in full swing, there isn't a better time to BBQ, eat and watch sports while hanging outside before winter hits us in the head.

As the days go on, I'm going to give you all sorts of super Sunday type recipes that I have concocted thru the years and continue to make to this day. You wont find any recipe for grilled chicken breast, sushi rolls or tofu burgers on here (I got some stuff for you veg heads though, stay tuned) I am a member of the...

People who love to Eat Tasty Animals club, I love animals, they're delicious.

When it comes to football season and grilling, I like to make ton's of different finger foods. Chicken wings are king. Stay tuned for all sorts of different wing recipes from the easy to the labor intensive, sweet to super hot with all sorts of different takes on the worlds variation of the almighty wing.

wings on da grill (click pic to enhance, can be done with all pic's on the site)

Philly cheese steak sliders
--In honor of Donovan McNabb coming home this wkd.

1 leftover medium rare sirloin steak from previous day
asst. of peppers and onions (2-3 of each)
slices of American cheese (or provolone if your feeling less authentic)
8-10 soft bakery rolls, cut in half and slathered with butter and garlic to make them garlic bread

You may have read my article "another feast fit for a king" and in it I told you to stay tuned for what I do with the other hunk of sirloin. The next day I take the meat and slice it thin, as seen below. Its important to leave the meat in the fridge overnight so you can slice it nice and thin the next day. Preheat oven to 450.

thinly sliced char grilled sirloin steak

I then cut up and slice a red onion, white onion, green pepper, red pepper and put in a pan and sautee everything in butter. Once it gets cooked down a little I add a few squirts of Worcestershire sauce and continue cooking it until it is nicely browned. When done set aside.

pepper/onion mixture as it goes into the pan

Place your soft bakery rolls in the oven and cook until they are perfect, crispy outside, soft in the middle...maybe 15-20 minutes. While the rolls are baking cook your sliced steak in a pan and heat thru but make sure not to over cook, so it stays pink in the middle (that's why I grilled it a tad under medium rare)

steak warming up in butter

When rolls are done take them out and layer some steak on the bottom and top it with the pepper/onion mixture and a slice of cheese on top, put it back in the oven until the cheese just melts. Place your top bun on top and eat. Look out below!

Philly cheese steak sliders ala KingT

When I put these together I also made some of my signature spiced wings and jerked wings along with chorizo stuffed mushrooms. Coming soon.

Chorizo stuffed 'shrooms

Stay tuned for these and more super Sunday recipes. DA BEARS!

Sorry but its not the year in NFL football--Eagle's 24- Bears 13. In other news...

Playoff's are coming...

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"I love animals...they are delicious!!" Oh boy, Peta is going to be after you now....on the other hand I told my DH to pick up something to grill tonight!


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