Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Ultimate Hangover Cure

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat.

Theres alot of things you can do to help kill that god awful hangover from last eat. But who the hell wants to cook when they're brain is already toasted and they cant stay balanced on their feet? not me. If your going to go get something to eat after a night of binge drinking it needs to be large in quantity and heavy on the grease to soak up all those shots of Jameson. Soups and stews are very popular everywhere and other cures include peanut butter in Africa, more whiskey in Ireland, chilies in Mexico, pickle juice in Russia and greasy fried anything is a staple everywhere in the world.

Its not hard to find a place with great hangover food in the grease land of Chicago but there is a spot that gets the job done better than the rest so therefore its the best. Hamburger King or "Chester's" has been a staple in Wrigleyville for 25+ years. It has a clientèle ranging from blue collar streets and sans types, yuppies, students, alcoholics, actors, musicians, artists, families, day laborers, seniors, Cops, bad guys and Cubs fans headed to the game. The menu has all of your normal breakfast fare, 30's style hamburgers and other sandwiches and then the specialty of the house is the Korean home cooking.

Included on Sonia's menu is the hamburger Akutagawa, bi bim bop, yet ca mein, chicken and beef teriyaki, rice and gravy, house special fried rice and tons of other amazing hangover cures or fuel to start your day click here for the complete menu.

Im a fan of everything I mentioned above but when it comes to filing my belly and soaking up those shots, its all about the hamburger aktagawa, available only at the HK. Its a huge plate full of chopped hamburger meat, eggs, green pepper, onions, bean sprouts and I add in mushrooms served with a side of rice and gravy and two pieces of white or wheat toast. I top off my ultimate hangover cure with Sonia's spice dust, plenty of tabasco sauce and a spray of soy sauce. If and when the cubs win the world series, I can promise Ill be headed to the HK from whatever bar I leave when the sun rises. Look out below!

Hamburger Akutagawa w/ 'shrooms sprinkled with spice dust as it arrives

The result of mixing it all together with soy sauce and hot sauce so it can be inhaled

Hamburger King
3435 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 281-4452


Mr. Nall said...

Brilliant article. I've done some work on hangover-cures myself while researching for a blog on the 'Full English' Breakfast.



Lastri said...

OMG! Thank you so so much...Im originally from Pennsylvania and I love bi bim bop. This place has great BBB!!! and it sure does kill my!!!

Anonymous said...

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Jay Palkar said...

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Marco Polo said...

The Hamburger King belonged to our father Tom Yamauchi, who originated the "Akutagawa" as part of a special request of his friend George Akutagawa, who was from Hawaii. He cooked it for Mr. Akutagawa almost every day either for breakfast or lunch. Chester was the night chef, so understandably was on hand for hangover cures. But Hamburger King was not his restaurant, nor was the Akutagawa his creation. The book "Made in Chicago" gives Tom Yamauchi his proper credit and due.


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