Saturday, September 6, 2008

eating like a Mayan King in the Windy City

Everybody that knows me, knows I love food, all of it. When it comes to picking just one cuisine as my favorite, thats easy...Mexican. When it comes to both cooking and eating I have cooked more Mexican and eaten more Mexican than I have anything else.

There aren't many out there, if any, that eat more steak tacos than me

People lucky enough to live in Chicago should be aware that when it comes to Mexican food, Chicago may be the best place in the world to eat it, yes including Mexico. All you people from Cali, STOP, I dont want to hear it. Mexico much like the US has very regional cooking, depending on where you are in the country the food is different in each region. Most people in California are Norteno and thus most of the cuisine there is Norteno cooking. Between the family owned spots in Pilsen and Little Village, the high end fine dining like Topolobompo, the amazing Maxwell street market, the drunk yuppie taco/burrito joints and all of the mercado's thrown together, you can find every region of Mexico represented in Chicago on every level. I will be using my blog to inform you of all the secrets around town and where to go for the best.

Maxwell st. market, open early on Sunday's is one of the best eating treasures in all of Chicago

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