Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NY in the Chi (New York Deli)

-The Sammy's of Chi

So I got a tip for all you NY'ers who have relocated to Chi and seek a NY style deli sub sandwich and where to get one, they can be had from...New York deli. Its located at Clark and Oakdale streets in the Lakeview neighborhood. Just this past winter NYD was using boards head brand meats for their signature sandwiches with crusty french bread and all of your favorite "sodas", its pop damnit, like Dr. Browns. They have since gone the route to be even more a authentic NY deli that they have switched their deli meats and now they are supplied by Thumann's. Being a born and bred Chicagoan I had not heard of this brand before but am told it is big in NY.

Just like out east!

NYD has a whole bunch of signature sammy's that sound very appealing but I have stuck with the "Manhattan Project" on every visit b/c it gets the job done for me - Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey, American, L&T, Mustard/Mayo on french bread with banana peppers added on. I got back to try the new meats from NY on my regular ordered sammy and I was still very pleased and although they seemed to have switched back to a less crusty bread, I like the bread both ways so for me this isn't that bad although I prefer it crusty if I was given the choice.

Manhattan Project signature sandwich (New York Deli)

As far as this area goes your not going to find a better assembled sandwich, I should get there more often than I do, quite a nice lunch and pretty filling for my large appetite. I feel the $8 price tag is worth it for the quality and care put into the sandwich along with its size. the owner is straight out of New York, he likes to talk and does it loud. Hes got a Chicago trait though too and is very friendly with his customers. Click here for complete menu.

Who says I dont got love for NY?

I just hate those damn shirts that became a trend after 9-11 and will always hate the Knick's. The Yankee's are so bad I dont even need to speak on them anymore.

New York Deli
2921 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657

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