Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jimmy's Red Hots

-The other Chicago-style hot dog: Depression dog's

Dont even bother asking for ketchup at Jimmy's (Pic by ReneG)
(Im not kidding)

Attention! Much like Chicago-style pizza there is a lesser known "Grandpa" to the Chicago-Style hot dog. Back in the day Chicago-style hot dogs were there to feed you for a small price when money was scarce during the depression era. I love both style of Chicago hot dog's but the only thing they really have in common are that the hot dog is from Vienna beef, that's about it. A depression era dog is a natural casing 8/lb Vienna beef hot dog, which has a snappy bite to it, most places don't use this dog anymore but you can by them at the Vienna beef factory outlet. It is served on a well steamed regular cheap bun and topped with mustard, relish, chopped onions and sports peppers...that's it. It is topped with amazing fresh cut fries and usually served in reject bags from food corporations like Burger King and other regional fast food joints not in Chicago.

The "depression-dog" is becoming harder and harder to find these days, as I could count the number of places to get them on one hand. Unlike others, I grew up on the depression style dog eating at Demon Dog's (RIP) under the Fullerton el stop almost every day of my youth . For all you that miss demon dogs and haven't been able to find a need not worry, I got you covered.

demon dog's was a staple in LP for many years

Theres only three places that I know where to get the old school Chicago dog. Jimmy's, Gene & Jude's and my house. First up on my review is Jimmy's on grand and Pulaski. It was a good day when I found this place and tasted the exact same hot dog that I grew up on as a kid and yearned for as an adult. Jimmy's is my favorite hot dog stand within city limits. Jimmy's is real old school and may be a little too "ghetto fab" for some of you, but not me. First of all you need not worry about your safety, the owner has a permit to pack heat and the place is a favorite for the local Narc's to eat (whats up boy's!) so aside from the occasional crack head beggar, its all good, you wont be bothered. Jimmy's is a old school joint and any tourist that wants to experience a real Chicago hot dog stand needs to go here.

Dont let the stray bullet holes bother you...the dog is too damn good (Pic by ReneG)

Jimmy's red hots is one of a few left that still do it old school.

Jimmy's Red Hots
4000 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60651
(773) 384-9513

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy's is a place I went to as a kid. It's how Chicago dogs need to be.


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