Monday, December 26, 2022

The Best of 2022

- Memorable food from the past calendar year

That's a wrap and 2022 is coming to a close. When I started to draw up this years end of the year post I thought it might not be as action packed as some of the previous years. But I was wrong. Plenty of ground was covered on S'C'&C this year, and I should've known better because that's pretty much always the case. We visited Mexico (CDMX and Puebla). We also ate big in a trio of Midwest cities (Detroit and Milwaukee and St. Louis). Then we cruised through the South (Chattanooga and St. Augustine and Biloxi and Alabama). Small town stops were also a common theme in this years posts with features on 'Bar Food in Wisconsin' as well as 'Roadfood in Southwest Wisconsin.' Then there was 'Five More Indiana Drive-Ins' and also 'Five More Michigan Burgers.' As far as food in the Chicagoland area goes I shared 56 places within the city limits and 24 spots in the suburbs for a grand total of 80 Chicagoland restaurants featured. Pictured below is the best of the best in 2022. 

Note: Picks are from posts in 2022. Click description below each pic for a link to the original post. 

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