Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Babba Grill

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)  
Macedonian Street Food in Darien  

Babba Grill is hidden in a strip mall in the sleepy suburb of Darien. They make Macedonian street food and that caught my attention as there’s plenty of Balkan restaurants in Chicagoland but I’ve never come across any making Macedonian food. It’s a cuisine influenced by the Ottoman Turkish Empire as well as other Balkan countries. As I learned when looking into Babba Grill, the Macedonian Hamburger is a popular dish and according to the reviews Babba Grill makes a good one. So I made a mental note for if and when I was anywhere near there which was the case a couple weeks ago.

Locals Favorite in Darien 

The Macedonian Hamburger just might be the world heavyweight champion of burgers. It’s a knockout mix of meat and starch consisting of a thick cevapi like patty stuffed into a hinged sesame seed bun filled with cabbage salad, tomato, cucumber, and fries drizzled with ketchup and made in-house mayo. It’s popular in the streets of North Macedonia and the online pics from there look identical to the one served here. I started by eating the fries off one by one until it could be held without making a mess. I've seen similar sandwiches in South American countries like Brazil and Colombia but it's the meat and bun that make this burger distinctly Balkan. A beast of a feast.

Macedonian Hamburger at Babba Grill 

Babba Grill 
801 Plainfield Rd
Darien, IL 60561
(630) 568-3263

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