Friday, September 16, 2022

Pizza House

 -The other Chicago-style pizza: Tavern Style

Summer is fading fast so we recently took advantage of the sun and went north up Lake Michigan, for some beach and pizza. To Illinois State Beach and Pizza House in Zion (Lake County) to be exact. 

Locals Favorite in Zion

Pizza House was the first stop as it's only a 10 minute ride from the beach so we wanted to grab our pizza and bring it there. The last time I had been out this way I was given a hot tip in the form of homemade Italian beef in these parts. This was news to me as I’ve had most of Chicagoland's home-made beef offerings but never from here where they’ve been slicing it thin since 1975. But first a pizza bc I liked how the online pictures looked and it came out looking even better. Instagram don’t lie, ok it does, but not here as this was as good as it looked hitting all the high notes as far as thin crust in Chicagoland goes - thin and crisp with a fennel forward sausage, exactly how I like them.
Sausage Pizza at Pizza House 

As for the beef I ended up with one of them on garlic bread as they use a Turano roll so I figured why not. Pizzerias are the spots to get a beef on garlic bread and this was a really good one. The beef was the best part which is always a good thing. I was surprised to find their house hot pepper blend was the fresh jalapeño and celery style made popular by spots like Pop’s on the South Side which is pretty far from here near the Wisconsin border. It shouldn’t be a surprise to find tavern pizza this good halfway between Chicago and Racine but the beef is as good as I’ve had in these parts.

Italian Beef on Garlic at Pizza House 

Pizza House 
2409 Sheridan Rd
Zion, IL 60099
(847) 872-4868

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