Monday, April 7, 2014

Villa Nova Pizza

-The other Chicago-style pizza: Tavern Style

Wow, I hadn't realized it but it's been quite a while since we took a look at one of the many spots offering the real deal Chicago style pizza, tavern thin cut in squares. This is the style I grew up on and this is what most regular city folks eat. Its not that those from here don't eat deep dish, it's just we don't eat it often. It's more of a celebration thing enjoyed with the company of others. When people just want a pizza to enjoy while watching the Blackhawks game, usually it's a tavern thin variety being consumed. One of the places most commonly mentioned amongst locals favorites for this style is Villa Nova Pizza in Stickney.

Longtime Locals Favorite

I believe this location is and was the first. The recipe dates back to 1955 and there's quite a few locations scattered throughout nowadays but I don't think they're all connected. They all have a history together but different people own different locations. We wont get into any of the colorful history behind this place as I've discussed it enough and it really doesn't matter. Its all about the pizza here. Villa Nova takes the craft very seriously. This is evident from the fact you will get at least one piece of their excellent homemade Italian sausage on every last square. Aside from the sausage they get everything else that makes a good tavern style pizza down pat. It's basically takeout but with warm weather en route I wouldn't put it off just because you don't live near them. Throw the box on the hood of your trunk and get down to business.

Large Sausage Pizza

Rating Scale 5/5

crust: 4
sauce: 5
toppings: 5
Crispness: 4

Score: 18/20

Villa Nova
6821 Pershing Rd
Stickney, IL 60402
(708) 443-4880

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Anonymous said...

Titus, Titus, Titus!!!!! Why didn't you let me know you were going to "The Nov?" I would have gladly joined you. "The Nov" is STILL my favorite thin crust pizza, along with Q's in Hillside. Those are the spots I grew up on, and the thin crust spots I treasure the most.

I'd put Villa Nova, Pat's, and Q's up against any thing crust pizza in America- anytime, anywhere. To me, they are the gold standards of Chicago style thin crust pizza.

Good Eating As Always,


KingT said...

Yo CPD, this is from a while back, I havent gotten over there in a few months. I was just running low on posting material so I had to throw them up! Lets get up soon, I have a few spots I'm trying to check out.


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