Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sabor Cubano Cafe

-The Sammy's of Chi

I remember reading somewhere that Sabor Cubano Cafe up in Addison was moving to Lakeview. This came as good news as I was out around there when the Ryder Cup was in town last year. I was doing some work and noticed this place on Fullerton called Sabor Cubano Cafe. Having fallen in love with the Cuban sandwich my first year of college in Tampa I'm always down to try one from a place that looks like it could put out a good version.

Addison, IL

It was around lunch that there was a crowd of what seemed to be regulars sitting on stools chatting it up like you see at the Cuban cafes in South Florida. I overheard the lady telling other folks they were expanding next door but I've since heard they were headed into the city instead. Tempted by their "signature" Havana steak sandwich I couldn't do that as I always go Cuban sandwich first at any Cuban lunch shop I'm stopping in at.

A peak inside

The sandwich definitely hit the spot. Although it wasn't on Cafecito's level which is still my favorite in Chicagoland it will get a warm welcome from me. The number one problem with finding a good Cuban sandwich outside of Tampa is the bread, it's just not the same out of state. I'm pretty sure I got a pressed Turano roll so it could of been better but I've also had much worse. Problem 1b with finding a good Cuban is the ham. Unfortunately they throw the cheap stuff on theirs but it was shadowed by their excellent mojo marinated pulled pork offering inside of it.

Cuban Sandwich

Sabor Cubano Cafe*
101 E Fullerton Ave
Addison, IL 60101
(630) 359-4206

*Closed and moving into Lakeview


Anonymous said...

Sabor Cubano did open up in Lakeview a few months back. You should go check them out. Give them another try I'm positive your review will get better 3132 N. Broadway. Great food, great spot and nice looking restaurant. They are kicking ass. Satisfied Customer

Anonymous said...

Sabor cubano should change theit name to sabor miy malo
evrry yhing yhing tastes awfull and old servers trying to act like they'te not over the hill
Awful place.


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