Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Romano Brands

Grubbing in Chicago (land)
Where the locals eat.

Anyone ever been to Romano Brand's in Franklin Park? First let me start off by saying I know the good folks here. I waited to get this rec up because I wanted to save it for football season. This is a great place to go if you need some eats to feed a crowd come gameday. 

Grand Avenue in Franklin Park

Romano's is a popular fast food type outlet with residents around the area. The menu is limited with their Arancini, Panzerotti and Pizza making up most of it with a few sandwiches and also daily specials. They did however just open up a deli across the street. I like what they do and the prices are ridiculous. The arancini are huge and for $1 + change cant be beat. They also have a ham and cheese and a spinach one as well. I use them for social gatherings pre-ordering a bunch ahead of time as they re-heat well. Pizza always smells pretty great but I have yet to try some.

Image Image
Romano Brand Arancini 

I dont necessarily think they the best beef and rice balls ever but they're very good in the traditional way of fillings and cost damn near nothing in portion to price ratio. They supply many local bars, restaurants and grocery stores with theirs. So odds are you might have had one somewhere else.The fresh fried Panzerotti's are a real treat. Try one with Nuttella and try and look me in the eyes saying you dont want another.

Nutella Panzerotti

Romano Brands
10000 W. Grand Ave
Franklin Park, IL 60131
(847) 451-9900

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Nicole said...

I live in the FP and was so happy when this place replaced Arby's! Best tiramusu I've ever had. The food is good and the prices are unbeatable!


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