Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Fresh Fries

-Fried out on 420

Do you have that holiday feeling? You getting hungry because of it? 420 is here and so is the now annual "Fresh Fries" post that comes with it. Last year I showed you around town and where to go to get the best sets of fries in the city and beyond and this year is no different. So I hope you got your munchies going and are enjoying yourself on 4/20/10. Check out last years featured fries right HERE.

an old neighborhood standby in Pilsen (Fran's Beef)

Fran's Fry sandwich: fries and hot peppers loaded inside a gravy bread

Something I do up at Pop's now and then with their fries and gravy bread

an old neighborhood standby in Evanston

Little Islands cheese fries have been eaten by generations of locals

Toons Bar & Grill: best stoners creation with the use of fries
(nachos ordered with fresh cut fries instead of chips and topped with chopped brisket)

fRedhots: best unique set of fries in the cityscape

Tore's Beef: best fries at any of the blue collar favorites

W&SC: best fries and dipping sauces for them

Illinois Bar & Grill: largest and best batch of fries in the city

Top Notch Beefburgers: best old school style fries in the city

Miner Dunn: best fries with a burger in NW Indiana

Kopp's: best fries with a burger and custard in Milwaukee

Mr. D's: best sandwich and fries combo in the city

Redhot Ranch: best set of fries loaded up on top a hot dog

You know your hungry.


Pork Drunk said...

great compilation, you must have enjoyed the extensive research for this post! happy 420!

Food & Grime said...

I have never wanted french fried goodness more in my entire life. Yum! Great pictures, great post. I have to go buy some fries now.


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