Monday, April 20, 2009

Fresh Fries

-Fried out on 420

It's 420 maaaaan. Yeah 420! Wait I forgot what was I saying? I'm hungry lets go get some french fries.

Welcome to the soon to be annual chibbqking's "fried out on 420" a round up of the best batches of french fries in the city with all sorts of styles to choose from, truly a stoners dream. These days everyplace that serves food seems to serve fries even the high end places have stuff like pommes frites with garlic aioli mayonnaise but most places just use the boring frozen spuds that have no flavor or character and for that matter just flat out suck...even if you got a serious case of the munchies. One good sign to a good roadfood style joint is fresh cut fries. It's takes a little more time and requires a little more work so at times this can be a clue to good food ahead. There are so many places with good fries that its going to take quite a few fry outs to get them all but here are this years winners.

The Winner for best fries in a Regional role goes to...

The New Orleans Style Cheese Fries from Toon's Bar & Grill: fresh cut fries buried in a mix of real cheeses and melted under a broiler

The winner for best fries in an International role goes to...

Athenian Room's famous Greek Athenian fries

Here are the 2009 fried out winners for way above average fries

best fries with a first class Italian Beef: Chickies

Go just for the fries and nothing else, they're that good: Michael's in Oak Park

Best old school tasting fries: Sammy's Red Hots

Best cheese fries during the day: Murphy's Red Hot's

Best cheese fries late at night: Wieners Circle fries

best cheese fries when inebriated after 3a: TBP #2

Best curly fries in the country: Fred's Burger's (Burlington, WI)

best stoners creation with the use of fries: Horseshoe from D'Arcy's Pint (Springfield, IL)

Most unique set of fries: Max's Ghetto Fries

best combo of meat/potato (fries): 'tato dog from Gene & Jude's

You know your hungry.


Cajoh said...

Seeing all the fries reminds me of Burts in Carbondale where you could get a pound of fries.

Thank you for your recommendations.

A. and M. said...

Interesting ways of fries...yummy...
Grazie for the ideas..

BSALTZ said...

I'm telling you King T... And I've said it before in a previous post... The BUFFALO FRIES from Al's Beef. Absolutely ridiculous...

And I hate to say it, but the truffle fries at Rock It are pretty sensational.

As for greek fries, the ones at Cross Rhodes in Evanston shit on the Athenian Room. I know that's probably sacrilege in your book.


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