Monday, April 26, 2010

Best Bar-B-Que

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat.

It was last fall when I was doing a cruise to the southside along I57 that took me off at my normal exit that leads to 115th street in Morgan Park. As you drive along you will notice a smokehouse with a large chimney coming out the roof that goes by Best Bar-B-Que. Its a place I had driven by many times but was always closed or I was en route elsewhere. However that all changed when me and a buddy drove by one early afternoon and the smoke was flowing out of the chimney so we had to pull in and grab some BBQ.

Smoke coming out on top

Decided to go with my standard first time order when I go to a real BBQ spot in the Chicagoland area which is a rib tip and hot links combo with the sauce on the side. It took about five minutes as I recall and we took our combos out to dine al trunko and see if this was some legit BBQ or if we were getting smoke blowed up our ass. The BBQ sauce was pretty legit and was the first thing I got a little taste of like I always do at a BBQ joint by sticking my finger in to see whats up.

BBQ sauce

Soon after I ripped into my tips/links combo and was pretty damn satisfied. Since we had driven by when there was a ton of smoke coming out the chimney, both the tips and links seemed to be fresh out of the aquarium style smoker that all the places in Chicagoland use. The tips were done to near perfection with perfect amount of smoke flavor and they had plenty of charred bark like I like mine to have. The links were also very good and had a good amount of heat to them, also the way I like mine. Overall it was a great quick snack to grab and a bargain at about $5 for it. Its not the best 'que I've ever come across but it was more than acceptable and would be a regular stop for me on days when smoke is rising from there if I had lived a little closer.

Insides of the smoked hot links

Rib Tip looking like money

Rib Tips/Hot Link Lunch Combo

Best Bar-B-Que
1648 West 115th Street
Chicago, IL 60643-4370
(773) 239-1522

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