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chibbqking Sliders

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

Oh yes one of my favorite little snacks of all time is the slider. I've done alot of reading, research and eating of my beloved mini hamburgers over the years. Sliders could be considered half cooked and half steamed amongst many other things as long as they're small people call them sliders but not all people agree with that assessment. Just as fuzzy as what the exact definition of what one is, is where the term came from. Some stories go that it was in the 40's or 50's when a U.S Navel officer coined the term for a small burger that slid down easily. However some people say it was White Castle (the first Hamburger chain ever) that popularized the word used to describe their trademark tiny steamed hamburgers. Over the years I have experimented in making perfect sliders and put to use the best tricks of the trade in my simply delicious and easy to prepare recipe. April showers bring May flowers. So if your stuck inside and cant grill this month, make up some sliders.

KingT's Sliders


1 lb good quality ground beef
1 package of dinner rolls or potato buns
3-4 onions grated with juice reserved
thinly sliced kosher pickle chips
a few slices of American cheese cut in fours (optional)

The key to making authentic at home sliders is all in the ingredients and preparation of them. Here are a few of the must do's when tackling this project at home. With all the April showers coming in this month, next time it storms outside will be the perfect time to whip up some sliders. Here's what you need to know.

1) The rolls/buns play a role

I used the Sarah Lee dinner rolls pictured above in my last batch but would recommend going with any fresh locally baked mini buns or my favorite bun for sliders...potato rolls.

2) You gotta used grated onions...lots

I use a medal cheese grater to finely grate my onions and I make sure I have more than enough when doing so. In my recipe I use a cup full just to steam the buns with on the side of the frying pan while the burgers cook away. I also like to put some around the patty's when they're being cooked.

3) Get the best quality beef you can grab

Since the recipe is so simple and there is little spicing used the freshness of the beef and the rest of the ingredients are an important factor in getting some real beefy taste to your sliders. If you have a local butcher that grinds their beef fresh on a regular basis than go to them for your ground beef if making sliders at home.

4) Form the beef into small balls like those seen above

You want your little balls of beef to be about the size of a racquetball and smaller than a tennis ball but bigger than a golf ball. Just make sure that when they are smashed down in the pan while cooking that they form into a size that fits the mini buns. Salt and pepper the balls of beef and use a little garlic powder if you want to as well. Fill a frying pan or flattop griddle with vegetable oil and allow it to become hot to the point where its near smoking.

5) Throw 3-4 balls of beef on at a time followed by a few spoonful's of onion

Once you have thrown the onions around the meat take a string spatula or something flat and smash the balls of beef into patties. Add a spoonful more of onions around the patties and then a cups worth along the side of the frying pan. Place your buns on top of the mound of onions off to the side and then flip your patties and cook the other sides and add cheese and let cook for another 30 seconds. You then take the bottom bun and place it on your plate and scoop up some onions from the mound and throw them on top each patty followed by the top part of the bun.

Serve with the pickle slices and try to east just one. I promise you that wont happen.

If you have any secret tricks of the trade that you care to share...when it comes to making sliders. Well then please by all means share with us your secrets to making this American classic.

a chibbqking slider

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