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-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

Today's stop on the Chicagoland food tour is to a place that could fit into alot of the featured series' here on S'C'&C. fRedhots is a spot that opened up in the last five years or so and in that time has made quite a name for itself. Located in Glenview the name comes from the owner, Fred, who started his high class fast food shop due to his passion for the food. Fredhots is a place that cares greatly about the food it serves and the customers who eat it. It falls into the "high class fast food" cuisine that Chicago is so well known for. While many people might consider it a knockoff of Hot Doug's, it is anything but. Yes fRedhots does have many specialty sausages on the menu but also oh so much more. It's more like a really good burger/dog/sandwich joint that also has some interesting specialty sausages.

an instant classic in Glenview

I don't even know where to start when it comes to fRedhots so I'll just start out with the fact its one of those places you can bring the entire family too. Grandma and Grandpa on to the youngest child down will all find something they enjoy on the impressive menu over there. You can expect all the usual suspects like Chicago style Hot Dogs, Polish Sausage and good old fashioned char grilled burgers along with fresh cut fries and also Italian Beef but there's alot more. Another popular go to on the menu board are the specialty sausages. Popular examples include the gyros sausage which is like eating a gyro in tube form and the Wild Game Sausage which varies on the specials board. One of the specials during Christmas time is the reindeer sausage. It doesn't matter what you get as your main course your going to want some fries to go with it, or Belgian potato frites as their known at fRedhots. The fries are 5 star worthy and come with a dipping sauce that come in a range of flavors. Some of my favorite dipping sauces are the Spicy Aioili and the Filipino banana pepper.They also have a dipping sauce flavor of the day.

fRedhots excellent french fries

It doesn't end with just the dipping sauces when it comes for ways to pimp out your fries. Here we have one of the many great specials you can find on that aforementioned board. The "Western fries" as they are called include little pieces of debris (fallen from the roasted beef) that is thrown on top of Fred's fresh made fries along with some BBQ sauce and cheese. Its a rich tasting batch of goodness, especially the bottom fries.

Fries with "debris" BBQ sauce and Cheese

Everybody has their go to item at Fredhots and for me that is the debris sandwich. It's similar to the Italian Beef but more like a roast beef po' boy. It was specifically made with the po' boy served at Mother's. Fred takes the "debris" from the beef roasts made for Italian beef which is just all the little pieces that fell off during its long cooking. The little shredded pieces of beef go on a roll that holds the juicy debris well and comes topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo. I like to add onions and extra pickles to mine. The sandwich is one of my favorites anywhere. Since this beauty was thrown onto the permanent menu I've had a hard time further exploring it.

Fred's Debris Po' Boy

However its a must to always peek at the specials board located to the right of you when your ordering. On one visit Fred had a Cuban burger available for order. Fred took the basis for a Cuban sandwich minus the pork (ham, roasted pork*, mustard, Swiss cheese and pickles) and threw a burger patty in there. As someone who has a love for a great Cuban sandwich, it was something I knew was going to be good as soon as I saw it. Well I wasn't wrong.

*They skipped the roasted pork part on the burger, good nonetheless.

Pressed Cuban Burger from fRedhots

I've had quite a few good sandwiches from Fred's and the sammy's might be the places strongest point. Over at Fred's there are no short cuts taken and that includes his Italian Beef. Fred's makes the beef in house and a sign in the spots reads "Our famous Italian beef is the best you will ever taste-Guaranteed" Well I'm a fan but its not the best. What I enjoyed greatly about the IB was the almost roast beefy like French dip feel from it, it tasted more like a pot roast sandwich than a beef but its still da bomb. I enjoy the heavy pepper addition. There's always a good a good sammy on the specials board.

Chicken Club Sandwich

Click HERE to see how their beef rated against others

But you know what? no matter how many progressive menu items this hot dog stand offers, they still gotta make a good dog if they wanna stick around. Well I got a feeling their going to be around for a while. The Fredhot aka a Chicago Style hot dog is one of Chicagolands best example of this style. Even though it actually includes ketchup, although I think they ask, that's still a sin. But we all can have our sins forgiven 'cause the fRedhot is a heavenly hot dog for what it is. Minus the ketchup its an authentic and excellent example of the more well known Chicago style hot dog. The people of Glenview and the surrounding suburbs are lucky to have a spot that cares so much about the product taste and customers of this all star hot dog stand.

a fRedhot aka Chicago style hot dog

fRedhots & Fries
1707 Chestnut Avenue
Glenview, IL 60025
(847) 657-9200

fRedhots on Urbanspoon

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