Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Doug Komos

-Exploring NW Indiana

I saved alot of my out of state stops for warmer days when we were assured the negative degree wind chilled nights were over. So we get back to Indiana for a quick stop at a joint I stopped at one day when randomly driving by. When I saw the sign for Doug Komos Meat/Deli it looked like a place I should pull into and check out. It was a quick in and out since I had already gotten some meats from another place in Indiana to be featured later. But I wanted to see what Doug Komos had going on inside. Technically this might not be NW Indiana but its right on the boundaries and 47 miles from Chicago.

Looks like a formidable meat market

The fried chicken is what caught my eye...nice price

Since I would not be headed directly home I wasn't able to cop any meat for my fridge but I did have a nice look around. Its a shame we don't have more spots like Komos in Chicago. On top of a bunch of good pieces of meat they had many prepared meat dishes like kebabs and Kiev's too. I made a quick mental note and decided that the fried chicken was worth a try even if I wasn't going to eat it all. You know fried chicken is one of those things that is just as good cold the next day as it is when you first got it. While this wasn't the best fried chicken I ever had it was some of the most valuable. It came out freshly fried and considering I got eight pieces of that for five bucks it made it all the better. Stay tuned as the months grow warmer there will be quite a few stops around the popular Chicago weekend summer vacation destinations.

Nice little (actually large) meal deal

Who doesn't like fried chicken?

Doug Komos Meat & Deli
13410 Wicker Avenue
Cedar Lake, IN 46303-9088
(219) 374-7773


Anonymous said...

Maybe an offspring of

Komo's Food & Catering
18036 Torrence Avenue
Lansing, IL 60438-2134
(708) 895-5666

Garvey said...

My folks love the Lansing place. They drive a good ways to get meats for the holidays there.

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