Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mr. D's Shish Kabob's

-The Sammy's of Chi

I want to take this post to introduce to all those not in the know-Mr. D and his fine sandwiches and french fries. Located on Diversey and Normandy in the Montclaire neighborhood, it is the granddaddy champ of all street and sans type eating spots. The hugely popular and very small joint is run by Mr. D and his wife. Not only is the food where its at but the lovely Macedonian couple couldn't be any nicer. Its a place that many people drive by and might not even see and if you do, you might not be tempted to stop. It sits on the corner in a residential 'hood and is well known to its neighbors. Looks can be deceiving to those not in the know. In a spot with maybe four tables total it can get packed during lunch hours but seats always pop up and its never too bad of a wait and its just as good to go. Its a small storefront so they have a grill, a fresh cut fry slicer and char grilled shish kebab sandwiches, steak sandwiches, charred burgers and Italian beef and sausage and hot dogs. Not to mention what is most likely the best batch of fries in the city. No room for a pop machine so they also happen to have cans of RC...now that's my style.

One of Chicago's great neighborhood joints

Lets start off with the perfectly fried fresh cut fries that come with each order. These fries are your typical "Chicago style" and the potatoes are sliced fresh in a slicer throughout the day. Since they are only open til maybe three its a lunch only spot and one of the best priced meals in the city. Each order comes piled high with the wonderful fries and nothing will set you back more than $7 or $8 bucks. In a feature on fries around Chicago in the Tribune last May, Mr D's was one of the stars of the article. The newspaper got this one dead on because they are the most consistent and tastiest fries in the windy city. They proudly display the article in a plaque on the wall and that's about as much decoration as your going to get here. So hipsters who care more about the looks and illumination of where they eat wouldn't be too happy. Until they tried a shish kebab sandwich packed with with those fries.

Fry town article in the Trib featuring Mr. D's

I have heard good things about the burgers and beefs but just cant ever pass on a kebab sandwich. The times when I don't order a shish kebab sandwich I will get a steak sandwich. The kebobs are marinated in a special sauce and grilled to order and the namesake of the spot is obviously the most popular menu item. You can expect tender pieces of meat loaded with flavor along with some lemon juice served on a French roll with tomato's and a wedge of lemon. The juice from the beef soaks into the bread making the first and last bites the best part of the sandwich. The bread holds up great and the outside stays crusty while the inside soaks up the gravy. There are times when I'm just fiending for a shish kebob sandwich when its after closing time and so it stays with me until I finally get one in me. I would easily put it in any Chicago's best of sandwiches list. Not to mention they also do a great steak sandwich served the same way with sliced onions in place of the lemon wedge. That sandwich is no joke either. If your going to be a little Ma & Pa type spot that's been open over 20 years than you must be doing something right. At Mr. D's they're doing everything right.

Mr. D's Steak Sandwich with fries

Mr. D's Shish Kebob Sandwich and fresh cut fries are the real deal

Mr. D's Shish Kabob's
6656 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, IL 60707

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Anonymous said...

We rented a house a block away from Mr D's in the late 1989.

Every Saturday was the MR D's day. The kids loved the hot dogs and the Wife and I were suckers for the KaBobs and the hmemade Fries. Now 20 years later... we love aabout 2 miles away but still get there regularly! Even the kids (now in their mid 20's) love the Kabobs.

Also make sure you try the Italian Sausage !! Simply the BEST.

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