Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Gluttony does Katz's Deli in NYC

-Snoopin' around
a peak into my favorite food sites

Outside Katz's world famous deli in NYC (Pic from: The Gluttony)

I got some good friends on both sides of the coast but I haven't been able to get out to Southern Cali or NYC in the last few years and I need to switch that up real fast. My man Kellan aka K-RO aka K-REEZY, runs one hell of a site called "The Gluttony" and he comes from Southern Cali and lives it up in Hollywood and its no Perez Hilton so don't expect any sightings of Jon & Kate reuniting over sushi or Lindsey Lohan getting down at the club to be reported. Well maybe the Lindsey doing deadly sins story but none of that Hollywood gossip shat that the media considers news now. The site also happens to be a great source for good food stops in Southern Cali and the West Coast and about as he documents them during his travels while working for one of the fashion games dopest teams in agenda. The food stops are featured in the "Eat W/ Reez" installment. Check out my mans sick photography skills and a West Coasters visit to one of New York city's most famous eateries. Click HERE for the scoop. See ya tomorrow.

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