Thursday, October 8, 2009

Top Notch Beefburgers

-Got beef?
The Burgers of Chi
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You didn't think I was based solely on the Northside, did you? you were wrong, if its good, I'm going and I don't care where I have to travel to get it. Ive been on trips for food much farther than the southside. In fact a trip to get food out south is a regular thing for me. Alot of family of mine is from Beverly and surrounding areas so I know the south side almost as good as I know the north and a few of my favorites are located out there so don't sleep on me. Folks I plan my vacations around food, if there is a festival, sightseeing or nice museum in the place I'm visiting its a small plus. If there is a big bash or party that I'm going to out of town, the first thing I do is start researching on food there.

There is only one place to start my Southside food finds with...Top Notch beefburger, a southside institution and perhaps Chicago's most famous burger joint. If you've been to Beverly you know Top Notch. Its been in the neighborhood since 1942 when G.I Joe and his cronies use to roam the streets and stop in for one of their hand formed fresh ground daily beef pattys and their world war two style French fries.

Since 1942 in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood on the southside

Top notch has the type of burgers your parents grew up on and not the garbage that so many places serve today. They haven't changed a bit since their inception. They use the fresh ground beef, they cut the fries in house and fry them to perfection, they even use the same cheese, just good old American processed cheese. The go to order at top notch is a deluxe cheeseburger meal with grilled onions, deluxe includes lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled or raw onions and a cup of mayo. If your a fan of milkshakes, then you best get one here, they are made old school and are thick and milkey. This burger has tasted the same way since the first time I went here years and years ago, its an old school burger joint with tons of regulars and waitresses from the neighborhood attending school. The sign-in cards to start and end the workday are the same, the cash register is old school and the equipment looks like antiques. Last time I was here a regular came in and before even being asked he was given a large coke and a paper clip, don't ask me what for, he then ordered "just a bun" to eat and they brought it out for him to munch on while he played with his paper clip.

deluxe cheeseburger platter exactly the same as the first platter they ever served (66 years later)

Overall Grade: A-

Strengths- as far as an old school burger joint goes your going to be hard pressed to find a place who's only thing has changed since they opened are prices.

Weakness: I'm hard pressed to find one. If you don't like American cheese than I guess that's its kryptonite.

Top Notch Beefburger
2116 W 95th St
Chicago, IL 60643
(773) 445-7218

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@CrushGear said...

Hi Titus! I just wanted to let you know that RedEye is hosting Virtual Kitchen Stadium 2, with Top Chef Stephanie Izard. It would be fantastic if you could participate again! Here are the details:

Eating The Road said...

If you ever get out to CA you've got to try Hodad's, they're great:


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