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How to make fried rice

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Sometimes the celeb chefs on the big food shows are just too damn annoying to read and watch. I was just watching a show with one of these annoying hag's ex. Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, Paula Dean and a handful of others and in it they were doing a Chinese fried rice dish and they made the rice for the dish on the spot as they were preparing to make the fried rice?!?!

Have you ever tried to make fried rice and it came out to damn sticky or not brown enough or just plain bad and nothing like the stuff from the Chinese shack down the street? maybe I can help. I too love fried rice and over the years have figured out how to do it perfectly. The first key is to make sure you use leftover white rice from the previous night. It helps the rice to not stick together and it is how fried rice has always been made, its a leftover dish. To go along with your rice your going to need a meat of some sort and some vegetables along with eggs and vegetable or sesame oil and oyster sauce. My standard is bean sprouts, green onions, peas and carrots along with some leftover Chinese BBQ roast pork, usually when I'm eating out in Chinatown or along Argyle I will grab some of the stuff hanging in the window from the butcher.

My standard selection for adding to my fried rice

crispy sauteed BBQ pork and green onions

I like to cut up my pork into little cubes and sautee them with the onions until crispy and then cook the egg on as wide of a flat surface you can spread it on and when the egg is done pour more oil and some of the oyster sauce and throw in the rice. When the rice has browned and is nice and separated from sauteeing add the pork and the rest of the condiments and top with the scrambled eggs and green tops from the scallions. To kick up your dish you can add whatever else sounds good and of course salt and pepper. Sounds pretty easy huh? It is. So why do so many places continue to serve garbage fried rice?

a great meal for leftover from a Chinese BBQ pork dinner

To all my loyal readers: I am rounding down my 3-week trip to Jamaica and I will get back to the states and regularly updated posts during the month of April. Expect one hell of an article on my favorite place on earth very soon: Negril, Jamaica.

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