Friday, July 17, 2020

Cevicheria Coco Loco

-Eating like a Mayan King in the Windy City

I'd been waiting all winter for the weather to warm up and with it to try Coco Loco Cevicheria in Des Plaines. It's a small little shop in a small little four store strip mall on Oakton. It's not new but it hasn't been around that long either. There's a good little jibarito spot a few doors down that I visited in 2018 called Jibarito Time. Coco Loco wasn't there then so it's no older than a year or two. It's owners are from Durango in Mexico which is more known for it's meat. But you wont find much meat on the menu here though they do offer a carne asada taco I'll probably try next time. I say that because all the seafood dishes we tried on my initial visit just last week were wonderful. A trend in these parts.

 Locals Favorite in Des Plaines 

The menu here is small but effective. Like I said it's mostly dominated by mariscos of which a large chunk of the dishes on offer are either ceviche or seafood cocktail in some form or fashion. We visited on a Sunday afternoon and it was empty upon arrival but filling up shortly after. They open at 2p and we had arrived right around then. We weren't comfortable eating inside so instead I asked the friendly young lady working the front of the house to have them prepare it for there but we'd be eating it outside on the trunk of my friends car. We ordered with the help of the aforementioned young lady.

Fiesta de Mariscos al Trunko

Obviously we were there to try the ceviche but the Baja style fish and shrimp tacos were also a nice menu surprise and with that came personally rec'd by the front of the house. They also had homemade shrimp empanadas with cheese in orders of two so that worked out well. For our ceviche we got the fish and shrimp mix. All in all we tried a large order of ceviche, two shrimp empanadas, and one each of the fried shrimp and fried fish tacos. The young lady was right regarding the tacos which were both fantastic. I may have preferred the fish which is rare outside Baja but they fried it up crispy. There's not many spots doing better Baja style tacos in town. I'll tell you that much. The empanadas were good too but I kind of ruined all others when Irecently tried this well known street vendor in Sayulita's version. The fish and shrimp ceviche was nice and fresh and came with a ton of both tostadas and saltine crackers for eating it with. Beware of that green salsa on the side. It brings the pain for about 20 seconds or so. Overall this was a fantastic lunch that hit the spot on a pretty hot day. Chicago's got a ton of mariscos places but many of them share the same menu which is often too big in terms of figuring out what's good aside from the langostinos. So it's great to see a place like Coco Loco where they specialize in a few popular mariscos dishes and that's it. I'm already a big fan.

Shrimp Empanadas with Cheese

Fish and Shrimp Ceviche at Cevicheria Coco Loco

Baja Fish Tacos at Cevicheria Coco Loco 

Cevicheria Coco Loco
931 E Oakton St
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(224) 612-6012

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