Monday, July 6, 2020

L&M Fine Foods

-Grubbing in Chicago
Local Grocers across from Welles Park

So I have quite a few spots that were supposed to be shared during the previous months of quarantine. Hopefully we've seen the worse of the virus and the second half of 2020 doesn't mimic the first half. For now we're allowed to go out and eat but I'm still not there. Especially anywhere inside. I imagine I'll have a few outdoor meals at restaurants before the summer is done but I don't blame anyone for staying home completely. That said you still have to get groceries and today's post is about a spot you can get some of those as well as a delicious sandwich and such. L&M Fine Foods opened within the last year and it's gone relatively uncovered. It sits on Lincoln and Montrose kitty corner from Welles Park. With L&M, Menya Goku, and Asadero the eating is good over there. 

 Newly Opened across from Welles Park 

I've been to L&M twice now after having to put my initial second visit on pause due to corona. Aside from local produce and sandwiches they also sell deli meats, encased meats, and grilling meats like sausage, steaks and such. The aisles are packed with the typical "gourmet" groceries of the 90's in the form of Italian food and wine imports and such. They're an upscale corner store so to say. My wife likes the cheese department and we're both fans of the sandwiches. They make a roast beef in house that I still haven't had the chance to try but from the looks of the picture I saw it's getting ordered sometime soon. For now I've tried the fried mortadella which is pictured below. It's a pretty simple sandwich made from mortadella fried on a flattop with cheese until both are hot. They also lightly fried some red onions which worked great with dijonaise, mortadella, and cheddar. Good bread pairing too.

 Fried Mortadella at L&M Fine Foods 

So far from what I can tell, the signature sandwich is the porchetta. The Roman favorite is probably underrepresented in Chicago so when I see a place dishing out a homemade version it catches my eye. L&M makes a nontraditional version at least by Rome standards. They seem to thinly slice their porchetta almost into deli style sandwich meat and or Philly style roast pork. I like it. Especially the way they dress it with roasted garlic aioli, fried capers, and arugula. I'm not sure where they get their bread but it's also pretty good. I'll be getting this sandwich now and then when the craving calls. It's close enough to where I can justify stopping by for cheese or whatever and get a sandwich too.

Porchetta Sandwich at L&M Fine Foods 

L&M Fine Foods
4363 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 825-2370

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