Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Jibarito Time

-Grubbing in Chicago (land)
Jibaritos in Des Plaines

While driving down Oakton I spied a new to me spot specializing in jibaritos. You know how I am about places that pick something and focus on doing that something right. So I pulled into the little strip mall where Jibarito Time rests. I was aware of another place in the area called Santiago's that gets lots of love over on LTHforum but I was unaware this was the new incarnation of Santiago's.

Newly Opened in Des Plaines

Santiago's is/was a family owned Puerto Rican spot that people really took a liking too. They talked of delicious homemade Puerto Rican recipes and big plates of food. For whatever reason the family behind Santiago's went for a bit of a mix-up and decided to change the name of their place to Jibarito Time while focusing on the popular plantain sandwich that was born in Chicago. The menu sports a couple handfuls worth of jibarito options. Some like the Cuban sandwich jibarito were tempting but there's really no reason to mess with a classic so I got a steak with cheese. This was one of the best jibaritos I've had first and foremost due to the plantains themselves. They were perfectly crispy and extra thin with little to no grease clinging on. While there wasn't a ton of steak in between I found it to be the perfect balance to the "bread" while the rest of the components (lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheese) did their magic. I dont eat jibaritos often but I love them when I do and this was a good one.

Steak Jibarito at Jibarito Time

Jibarito Time
935 E Oakton St
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(224) 938-9115

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Unknown said...

Thank you young man! Well said. Come back because I have 19 Jibaritos to choose from. I enjoyed Santiago's while it lasted. This is not about me or my name. This is about sharing with the world Chicagos greatest creation, the Jibarito! I will not stop unil this unique sandwich gets the recognition it deserves. Chicago beef, Chicago dog, Chicago deep dish, Chicago Style Plantain Sandwich. What Time is it? Jibarito Time


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