Monday, December 23, 2013

Introducing the Chicago Taco Tour

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If you haven't seen or heard already there's been some big happenings regarding tacos in Chicago. After doing specials on them for both Serious Eats and my own site here I decided there needed to be a "homebase" so to say about where one can go to learn about the taco options of Chicago. I saw how people in places like Los Angeles and Dallas were spreading the word of the folded tortilla around their parts by sharing experiences, pictures and notes of the different taco shops around town. So what about Chicago? There's no way we as a 'land aren't one of the best places to eat tacos in all of the world so why don't we have an outlet dedicated specifically to them? We do now. Introducing the 'Chicago Taco Tour' your one stop guide to all the taco options this wonderful city and its surrounding communities have to offer. With over 150 spots already doc'd and ready to go up, the site will be updated daily. Those behind it will continue to stop in at each and every shop that looks like it needs to be indexed. Just this past week alone I've been into 10+ new to me places. So sit back, relax and strap on your seatbelt. You've never been a ride like this before. Taco Time!

As Seen on the Chicago Taco Tour (Click HERE)

Where's that truck at? Stay tuned....100's more to come

See ya next year @chibbqking

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