Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Susie's Drive Thru

-Fried out on 420

Happy Holiday to everyone. Haha. Well were taking it a little bit easier this year compared to years past. I didn't gather a bunch of places that serve amazing fries like past reports and instead were going to head to a place with great fries that's also a favorite of the late night 420 crowd. I've been going to Susie's Drive Thru since my youth when my buddy's housesitter back in the day would take us over that way for some food the weekends we were hanging out. Located on the Northwest side along Montrose ave just past Elston this grease pit is best visited in a non sober state of mind. Check out 2009 and 2010 reports on fresh fries by clicking on the years in the link below.


a longtime late night favorite in the city

I really loved my visits to Susie's during my youth, it was a favorite place of mine to stop at. Though it's called a drive thru there is none anymore so you park in their lot and head on in. As you enter the lot you'll see the raggedy old building that's got years and years of grease layered on it's walls along with drawings of the food served. It's kind of like the food stands at the carnival and the options are endless. Prices are cheap and the portions are huge, it's loved by all blue collar people and of course all those who are inebriated.

The confused chicken is popular with fans

To go thru the entire menu at Susie's would be something, you would have to be near death from starving or extremely stoned with a serious case of the munchies. As a kid I loved their Italian beef and sometimes got me one with cheese. I actually haven't had their beef in ages, last time was a few years back it wasn't what I remembered so I moved on to other things. Since I get in there only now and then and mostly during the later hours I don't have pics of everything but I do of a few. Not pictured is the Corn Pole which is a Polish sausage fried on a stick like a corn dog would be. Just like the confused chicken, it's a calorie laced treat best eaten when you wont remember it the next day. Other options are your standard fast food fare, just expect a little more flare. Hot dogs, beefs, gyros, burgers, they got it all and then some at Susie's

Taco on Pita Bread

Fried Polish Sausage

But the star of the show at Susie's are the french fries. They take fresh hand cut fries and throw them into a freshly fried taco shell bowl and the only way to go is with cheese, if not more. You see they offer just about everything they have as a topping for your fries. Some people like myself prefer to go with just the cheese, the minimalist way while others load them with stuff ranging from hot peppers to gyro meat and everything in between. Although I like my cheese to be Merkt's or actually melted shreds of cheddar when it comes to topping it on my fries, I like the cheap gooey neon orange stuff Susie's uses. It goes great with the fresh cut fries and taco shell bowl. I've been known to put down an entire shells worth but wouldn't recommend doing so, these can easily feed a few. Check it next time your cruising by but remember theres only a few seats inside but they do have a few picnic tables in front. Happy Chowing.

Taco Shell bowl of cheese fries from Susie's

Susie's Drive In
4126 West Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL 60641
(773) 283-6544

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