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Five More Items (Fried)

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It's time to do one of our "Five more..." segments here at chibbqking. Y'all ready? It's when we take a stroll back to five different spots that have already been featured here on S'C'&C except we check something new out from their menus. Today the five spots are all high on my list and places I get too more often than other spots. If your hungry as you read this be warned, your going to be starving after.

Wiener...and Still Champion!

a locals favorite in Evanston, IL

Gus over at WaSC is the heavyweight deep frying champion of the foodie world. If theres something that works even better when it's fried, Gus got it taken care of. We took a stop in for some of their world famous corn dogs back in August of '09 and you can see the original report HERE. One of the things that makes going to this place so much fun is you never know whats going to be written on the specials board that day. They might be frying up gyros, pickles and who knows what else along with all the original stuff. The pickles are fantastic but when I got to try the fried jalapeno's I was taken to yet another level. Gus takes pickled jalapeno rings and puts them in coating and drops them into the fryer with the end result being one of the best fried food app's out there. Check these out.

Fried Jalapenos

Captain Porky's

a chibbqking favorite in Wadsworth, IL

Well as long as were indulging in fried food lets stick with it. Captain Porky's is one of my favorite food finds since the times when I started riding around anywhere and everywhere in search of great local eats. When it comes to that deep frying heavyweight state crown, Porky's is a contender. Aside from what I consider to be the best fried shrimp I have had they also fry up to perfection everything from veggies to goat cheese as well as the usual suspects from the water. You can check out my original report on Captain Porky's right HERE. On my last visit which was too long ago we tried some of the fried okra and it was outstanding. It reaffirmed to me that there isn't anything that the Captain cant make good as long as he's got some breading and a deep fryer by his side.

Fried Okra

Well's Brothers Pizza

a locals favorite in Racine, WI

There are many times when people talking food with me want to know where my favorite place to eat pizza is at. Since I'm a born and raised Chi guy they expect to get an answer like Lou Malnati's or Pizzeria Uno or something like that, something from Chicago nonetheless. Nope that's not the case. I live for Tavern style thin and the best most crispiest, crackliest pizza pie I have ever had is at Well's Brother's Pizza in Racine, WI. This isn't just a place that I went to once and think about ever since then, oh no I've been here 10+ times and that number will continue to grow. The pizza is perfect and the atmosphere inside is classic. You can check out the full story right HERE and please believe it's worth the ride from Chi. If your going with a group of people which is what I suggest, order the fried appetizer combo platter to start with alongside a Whiskey Old Fashioned. They let you choose any three items from the app menu. So we went with fresh breaded 'shrooms, cheese curds and fried green beans. Good stuff indeed.

Fried App Platter from The Great Well's Brothers Pizza

Big & Little's

Located on Orleans, this somewhat new spot has made a splash

Well were still in Lenten season for those of you that follow it and for those of us that don't, it's always a good time to eat fried fish so lets do that at our next two stops. Big & Little's has been getting quite the press since it first opened including a recent visit from Triple D and Guy Fieri. You can check out chibbqking's visit HERE. The menu at B&L is small and they do what they do right which is fried fish. I think they might have the best fish and chips in town and that is my usual order when there. But recently I tried the fried shrimp and also thought that was something special. They just know how to fry away over there as the reggae plays and you patiently wait for your order. Some of the best fried shrimp within city limits, not a surprise to me when you consider how good they do the fish and chips. Makes sense they would do shrimp so good as well.

Fried Shrimp Dinner from B&L's

Troha's Shrimp and Chicken

a locals favorite on 26th street

Sticking with the fried fish theme lets take a stroll over to the classic Chicago shrimp shack that is Troha's. It's been around these parts for over 90 years and they keep people eating well, especially on Friday's during lent. Troha's is another one of my favorite food stops in Chi and you can check out my visit HERE. The story behind how this place came about is a great one and I try to make it over there whenever time allows me too and I have fried shrimp on my mind. They also have Walleye on the menu which isn't found everywhere around here so I like to get some of that from time to time too. God Bless the places like Troha's, the family owned spots that care a whole lot. Here's to ninety more years!

Troha's Fried Walleye

Wiener and Still Champion
802 Dempster
Evanston, IL 60202
(847) 869-0100

Captain Porky's
38995 N US Highway 41
Wadsworth, IL 60083
(847) 360-7460

Wells Brothers
2148 Mead St
Racine, WI 53403
(262) 632-4408
Closed Sun. & Mon.

Big & Little's
939 North Orleans Street
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 943-0000

Troha's Shrimp & Fish House
4151 W 26th St
Chicago, IL 60623
(773) 521-7847

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