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Five More Sandwiches

-The Sammy's of Chi

The next saga in the series of posts is a combo between the "Take 2: a second look" and "The Sammy's of Chi" chapters because what I have for you are five chow worthy sandwiches from places seen on chibbqking. All five of these spots are in my regular rotation and I get to them a good amount of times a year. Even though the main reason I go to the five spots featured here is for the items already showcased in their original stories, it turns out they got more good eats than just that. So here are five more sandwiches from places already featured here on S'C&C wit Da King.

We revisit these five spots already seen on here for more good eat Sammy's

Al & Joe's

When your the "home of the submarine" and have been so since 1960, well you gotta be doing up some good sandwiches then, right? Yes sir, and on top of one of Chicagolands best Italian subs you can find one of the areas best pepper and egg sandwiches, a special on Friday's. With it being lent season and all right now I figured it was a good time to share where to get a great P&E sandwich which are big in Chicago. Its on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays during lent that Italian Americans enjoy these sammy's made with sauteed green peppers, scrambled eggs and served on French bread and available with hot peppers. I'm pretty sure Al & Joe's serves their P&E every Friday of the year but call to make sure. Its still one of my favorite spots in the city and I get in there pretty often, its the best place to stop for a quick eat after landing at O'Hare. Click HERE for more on Al & Joe's.

Pepper & Egg Sandwich from A&J's (available Friday's)

Bird's Nest

Whats not to love about the Lincoln Park neighborhood corner bar? Already featured for their first team all Chicago wings and it's a great daytime drinking spot and home of the massive and mouthwatering Drunken Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. I have a hard time passing on the wings when I go to this bar just down the block from me, but every now and then I just get a craving for this monster of a sandwich. Its a beer battered big ass chicken breast that's deep fried and then covered in their "Bird's Nest Hot Sauce" aka Buffalo sauce and topped with blue cheese dressing and crumbles, celery seed, lettuce and tomato. Its one of the best chicken sammy's anywhere. Click HERE for more on Bird's Nest.

Drunken Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Bird's Nest

Philly's Best

I don't think I've ever ordered anything other than a cheesesteak from Philly's Best with the exception of the time me and a friend split one of their other sandwiches an oven baked grinder. We went with the most popular one which is the "combination" and includes Salami, bologna, ham, onions, green peppers, tomato and cheese all oven baked on French bread with the veggies and other toppings of your choice and also available on garlic bread. I liked this sandwich though not nearly as much as the cheesesteak so I'll just stick with them. Click HERE for more on Philly's Best.

The Combination Oven Baked Grinder from Philly's Best

Pop's Beef & Sausage

I don't get to go to pop's damn near every Sunday like I did when I was a kid but I still get there pretty often. It's one of those spots where they do almost everything well and some things really, really well. The Italian Beef is still my favorite on the southside and on my1st Team starting five on the All-Chicago Beef squad. I also love their gravy bread and liked the chili cheese dog. One day I was really hungry and got a beef, gravy bread and decided to also try their corned beef sandwich. It's available with Swiss and mustard and served hot or cold and you can also double the meat for a little more. It was a fine corned beef for the price and I quite enjoyed it along with my beef and gravy bread. I might have to do that triple combo again in the bear future. Click HERE for more on Pop's.

Pop's Corned Beef with Swiss Sandwich

Top Notch

Another one of my favorites and it too is located on the southside. Over at Top Notch they've been doing who they are for 68 years and that's top notch beefburgers. Whenever someone asks whats the best burger in Chicago its Top Notch that's jumps to my mind first and they certainly are one of if not the best burgers anywhere. Nothing has changed over there except prices and on a recent visit I ventured out and away from my regular order of a regular sized cheeseburger and get me a patty melt. I hadn't had a patty melt in years up until I got one here a couple months back and I cant wait to go back for another. Just like they got their burgers perfected, same can be said for the patty melts. Its made with the same hanging beef that is ground fresh daily in their walk in cooler. They put a bunch of those greasy good onions on it along with your cheese of choice of cheese and melt it all between toasted rye bread. It was at Top Notch where I fell in love with patty melts. Click HERE for more on Top Notch Beefburgers.

Patty Melt from Top Notch with their World War II fries

You know its good...

AL & Joe's Delicatessen
(847) 678-6788
10348 Addison Ave
Franklin Park, IL 60131
(847) 678-6788

Bird's Nest
2500 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-1502

Philly's Best (four locations)
907 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 525-7900

Pop's Italian Beef and Sausage
10337 S Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60655
(773) 239-1243

Top Notch Beefburger
2116 W 95th St
Chicago, IL 60643
(773) 445-7218

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