Monday, March 15, 2010

Mexican Danger Dogs

-Eating like a Mayan King in the Windy City

I said it was going to be one hell of ride all the way thru summer over here and I'm very excited for our next stop. Is there anything more summer than baseball and hot dogs? You can expect a few dog joints to be popping up here and there as baseball season and then summer near. But for today stop we have a place that serves a dog that's so different from the rest. In fact Delicias Mexicanas Restaurant, as it is called, was just a hot dog cart not too long ago. What started out as a lady known as the hotdoguera who had a cart at 26th & St Louis serving Mexican Hot Dogs turned into her dream when she moved into a storefront on 26th street in Little Village. Its amazing that Daley and his buddies wont allow food trucks and carts in this city, it would work wonders for all. But they're too dumb to see how. Well the tamale lady from Clark and Pratt featured here and the hot dog lady were about to check out are fine examples of why it would work along with so many other ones. That however is for another time.

In Little village right across the street from another S'C'&C fav, Troha's

So what exactly is this Mexican hot dog you ask? well its also known as the "Danger Dog" or the "Tijuana Bacon Dog" and it is popular on carts in Mexico and in parts of southern California. Its made up of a child's hot dog aka a cheap one and then wrapped in bacon and cooked on a griddle and topped with grilled onions, mustard, ketchup, lime mayo, and jalapenos. Even as a born and raised Chicagoan who lives in the land of the Champion when it comes to hot dogs, I'm willing to call this thing a beautiful monster because that's just what it is. Might sound like alot and I thought the same but I love them now and sometimes even crave them.

Called the Hot Dog con tocino at Delicias Mexicanas

I read from a friend in the hot dog game that these dogs became illegal in Southern California because "health department there said that all street dogs had to be steamed or boiled, not griddled or grilled" and so that was the end of the Mexican danger dog but a still few remain lurking around ready to serve the fiends that cant get enough Danger Dog in them. I cant explain why but for some reason all these ingredients added onto a bun make for a mighty fine hot dog. One of the main ingredients are the onions fried in bacon grease which comes from the dogs which are wrapped in bacon and cooked right next to the onions.

Hot Dog con tocino aka Mexican Danger Dog from Delicias

Coincidentally enough the hotdoguera worked her cart at 26th and St. Louis "illegally" too just like the vendors in Southern Cali that serve these today do. Believe it or not she was actually taken to Cook County jail and locked up for doing so. A complete joke but she was. But after years of pushing a cart she now has her own spot and at $2 a dog these are a must try for any hot dog aficionado. I cant speak for the rest of the menu and to be honest it looks rather plain. However I was told from those that tipped me on this lady a few years ago that they have excellent pozole and soups on weekends. If you needed any other excuse to visit well its open til 5am on the weekends. The exact origin of this popular south of the border hot dog is unknown but what is known is that they are a special treat deserved by all after you've had a few of the cocktails and shots beforehand. One quick tip its said the night team makes up a much better dog than the daytime crew.

Close up of the inside: Bacon Wrapped Danger Dog

Delicias Mexicanas Restaurant
4148 West 26th Street
Chicago, IL 60623-4312
(773) 522-5009

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Pork Drunk said...

this place looks awesome, great post. I should check it out when im down in chicago this summer for some Cubs games.


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