Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Western ave. Shrimp House

-The Shrimp Shacks of Chi

I had me another shrimp craving due to all the Lenten specials around and on TV. It was later on in the night after a Bulls game and some drinks at the bars after going to the game that it hit us and we made the decision to cruise straight up the worlds longest street to the Western ave. Shrimp House located right off Taylor st. Here's a spot that I have never been to but passed by countless times so it was my 1st run in with this typical Chicago shrimp shack. Its open late night and there's a few seats with a counter extending around towards to the back customer ordering area if you want to eat there but most people stop in for pick up.

A familiar sign late night along Western

I call Western ave the "typical" Chicago style shrimp shack because its pretty much like the rest as far as interior and menu goes and its also open late. I had one thing on mind to try when we visited and that was the shrimp. Although they also have smelt, catfish, frog legs, scallops, wing zings and even pizza puffs, all fried, you don't go to Western ave. SHRIMP house to try some clam strips. On this visit there was a pretty decent flow of traffic and I went with a half pound of jumbo shrimp with the hot sauce to fill my craving.

Half Pound of Jumbo Shrimp

I was pleased with my shrimp and liked the fact that it wasn't like the other Chicago style shrimp shacks because they didn't use the more common "Chicago Style" breading. Most places like the previously featured Goose Island use this style which is a thick batter and includes different spices mixed in. Over at Western ave. they sliced the jumbos down the back for deveining and used a much thinner batter than some of the other spots around the city. All in all it was a good batch of fried shrimp that did the job when the craving came a calling. The hot sauce was alright and had a cocktail sauce base but Goose Island still has the best sauce. I'll stop back in at Western ave. Shrimp House if the situation ever arises for me to again.

Western ave. Shrimp House Jumbo Shrimp with their hot sauce

Western ave. Shrimp House
922 South Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612-4136
(312) 850-3474

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