Friday, March 12, 2010

Corned Beef Hashcakes

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Well hello my friends I hope like me you plan to have a wee bit of tea this St. Patty's day and lots and lots of Guinness and Jameson to go with it. Just like last year we got a recipe for what to do with your leftover corned beef from this years celebration. I thought of this idea when I wanted to make me some potato pancakes but not in the norm, something different. I took a peak in the fridge and found some deli sliced corned beef and I was on my way. Corned Beef Hashcakes are an excellent easy next day recipe to kill that hangover and soak up the alcohol.

KingT's Corned Beef Hashcakes

-leftover corned beef, sliced thinly and chopped
-potato's grated thru a shredder
-onions grated thru a shredder
-chopped garlic
-salt & pepper
-a little egg whites or cream for binding

Note: There are no portions because you use what you have left from the corned beef, but you can easily make portions by doing 40% potato and 30% of both corned beef and onions or really anything to your liking.


Step1) Grate your potatoes and onions into a bowl and set aside

Step 2) slice your leftover corned beef thinly and then chop it up into little pieces

Step 3) Toss everything together and add the chopped garlic and salt and pepper along with 1 or 2 egg whites and form small balls with the mixture and squeeze out the potato and onion juice and form them into little slider pattys. Place them in the fridge for 10-30 minutes and 5 minutes before they come out lube up a frying pan with butter.

Step 4) When pan is nice and hot throw your hashcakes on and cook until done (10 mins a side)

Corned Beef Hashcakes made from leftovers

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