Friday, March 13, 2009

Corned Beef Hashburger

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I bet alot of people around the world wake up with their worst hangover of the year on March 18th or the day after your local St. Patrick's day parade. In Chicago its always a week long celebration because we got the downtown parade one week and the southside parade the next weekend and not to mention the actual day of March 17th so its a busy week of drinking for all. Its also spring break time and every now and then the weather warms up and makes you want to go outside and hop from bar to bar doing shots of Jameson. Its a fun time but there's always consequences like a hangover that can only be beat a few ways including drinking more, partaking in other vices or eating. What's better than a greasy sandwich for breakfast to soak up all those car bombs, Jameson shots and pints of Guinness?

This is a recipe that I made by mistake. If your doing any type of corned beef dinner for St. Patrick's day and plan on having leftovers then this recipe is for you. Over the winter I had some leftover corned beef from a dinner and was hungry and also happened to have potato's, onions and peppers so I made some CBH according to my recipe. I wanted to try something different so I put the cooked, chopped potatoes, sauteed onions, peppers and diced corned beef in the Cuisinart and blended it for maybe 5 seconds and it turned out looking great for the griddle.

Looks like the perfect consistency for hash

Only problem was I forgot to add the cream so that it would stick together. I decided I would add 1/2 stick of butter chopped down instead of the usual cream. When I blended the mixture the second time it came out looking like corned beef hash from a can. So I formed a patty and decided to create a corned beef hashburger. Trust me, this did not taste like it came from a can.



KingT's Corned Beef Hashburger

at least a pound of leftover corned beef or cooked corned beef (1/4-1/2 lb per patty)
Potato's diced somewhat small and cooked in boiling water for 3 minutes until cooked thru
1 green/red bell pepper diced
1 Jalapeno diced
1 onion diced
1/2 stick of butter
toasted bread or hamburger buns/rolls
fried egg or sunnyside up egg for on top

~Sautee onions and peppers in olive oil with salt and pepper until translucent

~Add corned beef, potatoes, onion and peppers and butter into a blender and blend until its consistent with ground beef

~form the mixture into patty's and cook the patty's on a buttered pan until each side is nice and brown and crispy (10-15 minutes turning it now and then)

~place patty on toasted bread and top with an egg done your way and another slice of toast


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Takeaways said...

Yummy, looks cooked to perfection, lovely homemade alternative to a burger.

Astheroshe said...

i have to say..that looks delicioso

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep putting an apostrophe in potatoes? Potato's WHAT?


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