Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pat's Pizza

-The other Chicago-style pizza: Tavern Style

Theres a little myth going on around the city that Lincoln Park is a culinary wasteland. So they say LP, Bucktown and downtown are full of tourist traps that care more about how the inside looks and what trends to ride on rather than the food. Well that may be true for Bucktown and downtown but Lincoln Park is one of Chicago's oldest neighborhoods and while it has gone the way of the scene there are still many little family owned spots that have fended off the Starbucks and boutiques and continue to make the same food they did before LP was a hot spot for anything.

Pat's Pizza: Since 1950

Since I am am a lifelong resident of Lincoln Park (27 years) I am here to crush that stupid statement. Hey I'll be the first to tell you that LP has more than its fair share of yuppies and people who just moved here and more than enough Starbucks and Jamba Juices' but it also has many real Chicagoan's who have been here longer than you have been in whatever neighborhood your from and plenty of family owned business's that were here before LP blew up and still continue to thrive.

The pizza I grew up with, the other Chicago style, tavern thin

First up on my list of places to dispel that rumor is Pat's Pizza. I grew up on the tavern style pizza because I grew up near Pat's pizza. Once located on Sheffield near Belmont, Pat's has changed addresses over the years but the pizza remains the same. One of the best representations of the Chicago tavern style can be had at Pat's. The cracker thin pizza is cooked to perfection with the best Italian sausage topping I have found, big crispy pieces of Italian sausage loaded with fennel is the only way to go for pizza toppings. The crust over there is crispy and has airpockets from being so thin and the sauce and cheese are quality ingredients with just the right amount for this style of pizza.

I can eat over 40 pieces of Pat's pizza

So what does Lincoln park have that other neighborhoods don't? for starters some of the best tavern style pizza in the city that created that style. Whats even better is that Pat's delivers so residents of LP and surrounding neighborhoods can enjoy some of the best tavern style pizza at home. There isn't a better pizza place offering delivery so if they deliver to you then consider yourself lucky. Pat's is a full service restaurant that offers a full menu and has drinks so its also a good place for a date or party. I cannot recommend anything else on the menu because they do pizza so well and that's all I eat from there. The Lincoln Park Pat's has no affiliation with the Pat's Pizzeria in the South loop however I am not sure that there isn't a history. The pizza's are virtually the same so I recommend both for delivery depending on where you live.

This is serious pizza that Ill put up against anything out east

Rating Scale 5/5

crust: 4
sauce: 4
toppings: 5
Crispness: 4

Score: 17/20

If you are visiting Chicago and staying downtown and want a pizza delivered to your hotel room, try the Pat's in South loop (no relation but very similar), its perfect and even if its only you, a medium and in my case a large can be eaten solo.

Pat's Pizza
2679 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 248-0168

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Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm hungry. Good Pix.

Unknown said...

Great blog, one of your best yet! "I can eat over 40 pieces of pats pizza," hysterical.

btobes said...

as a new yorker i would have to agree with the king's rave reviews of pat's...ive been to the chi dozens of times and this is the only place that serves up anything close to the great thin crust ny pizza...i think we spilit 5 pies between 4 of us...keep up the blogging king

Anonymous said...

It's good at home via take out or delivery.

But... nothing compares to eating it there while still HOT out of the oven.

You'll taste the difference and come back again and again.

It's heaven and 1/2 ! ! ! ! !

Also try the RIBS ! ! ! !


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