Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gotta get a piece of that sweet potato pie!

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat.

If you've ever cruised down 95th street in Beverly on the southside, you would know there are quite a few chow worthy destinations in a couple block radius. Whenever I hit one of them up for food (you bet ill be posting them on here) I make sure to stop at Jimmy Jamm's for a sweet potato pie. Im not big on desserts, id rather just eat more food than eat dessert but I absolutely love the "since 1933" recipe the family that runs Jimmy Jamm's uses for their made in house sweet potato pie. Its what I call perfection.

Jimmy Jamm's knows Yam's (95th & Longwood)

If your a cruising thru the neighborhood or ever grab a burger at Top Notch, stop by JJ's and grab a slice of their pie or take a whole one to go and bring it home or to a party. The plain sweet potato pie (seen below) is a bargain at $10. You can also get your pie topped with praline and pecan topping, honey cream cheese topping, marshmallow topping and honey cream icing.

slice of sweet potato pie with whipped cream on top.

JJ's is a sweet potato lovers heaven. Along with the sweet pie's they offer sweet potato ice cream, sweet potato bread, sweet potato cupcakes and what really caught my eye this time was the "Jimmy Jamm Loaded Yam" a baked yam stuffed with sauteed onions, bell peppers, diced chicken and steak or the vegetarian with brown sugar and cheese. Everything they offer is made from sweet potatoes. The only thing I hate this place for is bringing that horrible song from the early 90's by Domino back into my head..."I'm that guy, you're so fly, gotta get a piece of that sweet potato pie" baaaaaad. Jimmy Jamm sweet potato pie...gooooood.

Do get yourself a piece of this pie

Like the sign says inside "Warning: these pies are very addictive and may cause you to buy more!" Truer words were never spoken. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Keep this place in mind.

Jimmy Jamm's
1844 W. 95th Street (and Longwood)
Chicago IL, 60643
Phone: 773.779.9105

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