Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Max's Beef: Since 1957

--Got Beef? Italian Beef

Max's has been doing Italian beef in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood for over 30 years. When you cruise along Chicago's Western ave, the longest street in the world, your going to find some Italian beef joints. Max's is one of the more well known along the street. Anyplace that has been around that long has to be doing something good and have a loyal following. You know that Max's does. First lets start out with the menu. Max's has an amazing menu selection that can take care of everyones taste palate. Max's does all the usual Chicago beef & dog stand foods and most are homemade and they have more than a few unique items as well which is also a plus.

Max's on Western ave. (Chicago, IL)

Max's has a unique beef and with this comes the argument of whether or not it is on peoples favorite's list. Max's has a very unique gravy that is a dark distinct red and loaded with garlic and other spices giving it a very unique flavor. One thing you have to give love to Max's for is the fact that they have a big tub of homemade peppers that are also unique that rest on each table. I for one hate when places charge extra for peppers. They are a part of a IB so add them into the price of the sandwich if you have to but they should come standard and not be extra. With all that said I am not a big fan of the giardinara at Max's, it is too oily for me and not green enough. The beef is also unique and I am also not a big fan of that. I think that Max's hasnt changed his approach which I cant knock anyone for but it just taste's like what a real old school beef would taste like before they had the machines to slice it up thin. It seems they havent changed their recipe to improve what a beef has progressed to. The meat is sliced medium and not thin and it gets a little rubbery sitting in the gravy all day.

Max's will allow you to order their signature gravy so you can have it with anything

I am not wasting anyones time with places I think you need to avoid at all costs. Therefore Max's gets love here on my site or else I wouldn't bother with it. Try a beef if you dont like it then you know that this isnt your style in the future. Just make sure to get an order of Ghetto fries. These are potatoes topped with barbecue sauce, raw onions, cheese, beef gravy and giardinara. Sounds good? it is. You can be sure ill have a fried out special coming soon.

Max's famous "ghetto fries"--Deal with it alderman.

Beef with Hot from Max's

Rating Scale 5/5

beef: 2
bread: 3
gravy: 2
hot peppers: 3

Score: 10/20

Max's Italian Beef
5754 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 989-8200


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to Roma's on Cicero and Hutchinson? I wonder how you would rate it.
I grew up going there as my dad's office was across the street. Now it's just a special treat when I'm in the area.

Friend of Katybeth, Joe & Cole

KingT said...

Yes I have been there quite a few times but not since I got my camera. I heard it may have closed but havent been able to verify that. If not I will def. get a review on here in the future. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Max’s Italian Beef was the best beef in Chicago. It was unique and old school which is exactly why is was so good. The gravy is what made it. The garlic, oregano, bone beef broth, and touch of their home made gerdinera is what delivered the goods. I’ve tried so many beefs over the years since Max’s closed and not one comes close to their quality sandwich.

kc food guy said...

We lived at 5722 Atrtesien right behind Max's. My mother told me few years ago that my first bit of solid food was in my stroller in front of Max's. A thin piece of beef. No wonder I am hooked on the beef.


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