Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gyro melt from CND gyros

-The Sammy's of Chi

Did anyone happen to read the Chicago Tribune lunches in the loop photo gallery story? They gave 25 different places where you can eat lunch if you are shopping or working downtown. How many of these places take out ad's in the Tribune? Most people will tell you that downtown for the most part is a dining dump and its flooded with chains and spots with high end prices and low end quality aimed at taking tourists money. I was shocked not to find a few spots on that list that more than belonged in the good lunch category, I don't know maybe its because you can get out of there spending under $10.

ATTN: Tribune, Where is CND?!?!?!

Tucked below Michigan ave is crowd favorite CND

CND gyros is a place that I hadn't been to since I used to roam downtown with my friends on off days in grade school. In fact I had totally forgotten about it until I read an amazing description of it on the internet over at LTHforum. I cant do close to a better job describing this place, so here is what I read.

"Tucked underneath the Michigan Avenue hustle-bustle, surrounded by construction sites building huge, modern condos, and in an area where many restaurants seem more consumed with selling the latest trend at high prices than with serving a good, honest, affordable meal, CND Gyros stands as a lone soldier in the fight to maintain a certain "realness" in the neighborhood." KennyZ - a poster at LTHForum

CND is a time warp and another one of Chicago's gyro places that hasn't changed a bit over time. CND has better food than all those chains like Panera and Popeye's that are flooded at lunchtime downtown. One of the best things about this place is the menu and how long it extends with good options. If you want a cold one to go with your lunch then by all means have one at CND. One day I will get you a review of the gyros dinner on my gyrotron but today its all about the gyro melt.

The gyro melt is just another sandwich born and raised in Chicago. The gyros at CND are some of the better tasting and prepared gyros in the city. They also do a fantastic gyro melt which is gyro meat tucked between two slices of toasted Texas sized bread and topped with grilled onions and good old processed yellow cheese. C'mon you know that its good even if it sounds like you could croke any second after eating one. The only thing that this sandwich was missing is bacon. I now have a place to eat when I must head down to Michigan ave to do whatever it is tourists do. Whether your a local or a visitor, CND is right for a quick good lunch at a more than affordable price.

CND Gyros & Lounge
205 E Grand Ave - At N St Clair St
Chicago, IL 60611
312 467-4195

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