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I guess this is the week I pull posts from the depths of my food folder. Because that's what I've done yet again with Zenwich which I just so happened to find while searching for something else. Original plan was to get back here before posting about it but I'm just too damn busy to plan a trip like that and because it's in Elmhurst, a place I'm not often in, I'm just going to go ahead and give them their review now. Even if it's a year or two past due.

Locals favorite in Elmhurst 

Zenwich won a GNR over at LTHforum though some folks were questionable of its status as one. I didn't really care either way. It might not be a old time mom and pop shop but it's still a locally owned place that puts out some pretty tasty sandwiches with Asian influence. It's also reasonably priced and to my knowledge most folks that go there enjoy it. So it might not be destination dining but its a spot most every neighborhood could use in one way or the other. Its fresh, its from scratch, it gets the job done. I use their cucumber salad as example. 

Cucumber Salad

Each sandwich is "handcrafted" which many people will laugh off, hell I can too but the meaning of it is these aren't your brown bag lunch sandwiches your mother used to make for you in 6th grade. I tried the Joesplosion and goofy name aside it was a really comforting sandwich, on a hot day. This place is a great summertime lunch option because of the use of stuff like pickled carrots, fresh cucumber and so on. The Joesplosion takes a chicken breast that's marinated in curry with peanut sauce on the side. fresh made chips come with each sandwich. Now that I think about it, I will get back here sooner than later as I am out this way sometimes over the summer.

Chicken Satay Sandwich 

416 N York St
Elmhurst, IL 60126
(630) 359-5234

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