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The Burgers of Chi

The Skyark, if you've never been nor heard of it, when driving by you might wonder it is. Sitting in an old building on the corner of Halsted and Cermak this place is hipster heaven and a popular spot for the after 2am bar scene. Nonetheless its also a great place to go get a burger and some good micro beer from the draft right when they open around 4p. Nothing about it from the outside would give a clue to either of these things but 'tis true. Trust me.

A popular drinking spot in Pilsen (Photo by Avoision. com)

I had been into the Skylark a few times before I even tried their food. As I mentioned it's got a really nice beer list and it's no frills inside makes for the type of place that can compliment a beer so welll. Nothing fancy here, just a really nice old wood bar and some tables behind it for people to eat or chat at. They take it back to 1993 with a 'Demolition Man' pinball machine. I had known about the tater tots at the Skylark which if you didn't know are homemade. I actually wasn't aware there was such things as homemade tots until I found this out. Are they the real deal? Yes they are, they're crispy on the outside while creamy from within.

A view from inside

The burger I had heard good things from over on LTH amongst some other places. I gave it go when I read THIS post over there. A poster mentions that Skylark is his gold standard for good burgers and they do a taste off of it versus some other places around town. The burger comes cooked to request and topped with cole salw and a fried onion ring. Served on a very nice bun with their famous crispy tater tots I really liked their housenamed burger here. Everything seemed to go really well with other as far as the toppings go and the beef itself had flavor and came cooked to my medium rare request. Skylark is a great place in Chicago for brews and a burger, especially those that appreciate good beer and burgers made with care. Happy Hamburger Month Chicago.

Skylark Burger Basket

2149 South Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 948-5275

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