Friday, May 25, 2012

Miller's Bar

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The Burgers of Michigan

Happy Hamburger Month...and down the stretch they come! Were rounding up our 8 state 'Midwest Burger March' today here in Michigan before we head back to Chicago for a few more tastes. Located just outside of Detroit, Dearborn Michigan was once the headquarters to Ford Motor Company and today it's one of the best places to eat and explore Arab-American food and culture. On a recent trip to Detroit I got to do all that and will report back ASAP. In the meantime we head to a place there that's been serving up their famous burgers since 1941.

a longtime Detroit-Metro area favorite

Miller's Bar is commonly mentioned in "Top-10 Best Burgers in the US" lists as well as the state of Michigan's best burger. The Don King like hyped "10 Best..." this and that lists are impossible to do with things like burgers, especially here in the USA where there's 1000's of worthy ones, but they can still be fun to read. I was impressed with the bar itself at Miller's which is representative of so many other "good old" places in the Detroit area. Classic old school. It's a bar but it's their burgers aka 'Ground Rounds' that people flock there for. They've been making them the same way since the beginning and that's by cooking the 8 ounce patties of fresh beef on the old school griddle behind the bar.

a view from the bar

Ladies working the griddle

All you have to tell the person taking your order is how you want your burger done and whether or not you want cheese on it. You want onions? You can ask for those with pickles if you please and they'll send you a nice sized fully sliced piece of raw onion. You like your onions on your burgers grilled? Too bad. The burger is no frills and its not about whats on it but rather the beef itself. I was very satisfied and pleased to taste the tradition that are the ground rounds at Miller's. It's an honor system so you pay at the bar when leaving. If your a fan of the classic places that seem to take you into a different era when you step inside, give Miller's a try. If your a fan of burgers, you need to see for yourself what many consider the best. Count me a fan.

Cheeseburger from Miller's Bar

Miller's Bar
23700 Michigan Ave
Dearborn, MI 48124
(313) 565-2577

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Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, Dearborn still IS the headquarters of the Ford Motor Company. Check your facts.
- Employee from Ford World Headquarters, Dearborn MI.


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